Video of dog watching Ozark with dramatic expression racks up millions of views

Dog watching Ozark
(Image credit: @enzotopato/TikTok)

A TikTok video showing a dog watching Ozark with a tense expression that will make you laugh out loud has quickly gone viral, amassing close to 10 million views since it was uploaded on the 29th of January.

In the short eight second clip, the Golden Retriever can be seen watching the moment that FBI agent Maya Miller (played by Jessica Frances Dukes) comes face-to-face with a Mexican cartel boss in the gripping third episode of season four of the hit show. 

Starting with a shot of the action unfolding on the TV, the video quickly cuts to the dog who’s lying on the bed with his chin resting on a teddy bear watching the drama play out with eyes as wide as saucers. 


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The pup’s dramatic and tense expression quickly struck a chord with netizens who could relate with exactly how the dog was feeling, with one TikToker saying, “That’s exactly how I watch Ozark too lol” and another writing, “My exact reaction during that scene and every scene 😂".

While some users quickly found a kindred spirit in the Golden Retriever and could relate to exactly how he was feeling, others were more focused on what the canine might have been thinking. 

He’s saying “I can’t take it dad, this is too intense!!!” wrote one netizen, with another adding, “when the bad guys look like the vet..”

Research has long shown that dogs are capable of perceiving images on TV and that they can interpret a human’s emotional state by reading visual cues, so it’s no surprise that this Golden was on the edge of his seat!

With several episodes of this popular show's final season still to air, we have a feeling there'll be plenty more 'edge-of-your-seat' expressions to come from this adorable dog. 

Kathryn Williams
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