Watch Brodie the Goldendoodle conquer his fear of floors in this heartwarming TikTok video

Brodie the Goldendoodle
(Image credit: Instagram / @brodiethatdood)

We all have something we’re scared of: heights, spiders, clowns, it could be anything. And just like us, pets have their own fears. Luckily, just like many phobias, it can be conquered in time, as Brodie the Goldendoodle finds out with the help of his owner.

In a video that has been loved over 3 million times on TikTok, the dog in question, seems to have a fear of the floor - or at least, the different-colored floor in the lobby that comes after the stairs. Try as its owner might, the dog just will not walk down these stairs.

A solution was needed, and luckily Brodie’s owner is able to provide one. After unsuccessfully trying to cajole the dog down the stairs, he decides to pick Brodie up instead. No mean feat, considering the dog isn’t the smallest, but luckily its owner is equal to the task. 


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First, he gently lowers Brodie onto the floor – again, no mean feat, as Brodie is clinging on for what he believes is dear life, but eventually is pried clear and reaches the floor.

After much suspicious sniffing, Brodie comes to realize that the floor might not be the enemy after all. Having taken him up the stairs, progress is made – slowly but surely, Brodie traverses the boundary from stairs to floor.

After one more attempt, Brodie confidently strides to the flooring space that he had previously been too terrified to go near. And voilà – the floor has been conquered! 

Next up: it's plastic bags according to the video caption, indicating that it's not just the floor this huge hound is afraid of!

If you'd like to keep up with Brodie's adventures, you can by following TikTok account @Brodiethatdood. We guarantee that it will enhance your day.

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