Watch the moment this sweet cat discovers there’s a new baby in the house

A cat curiously looking at a new born baby lying on a bed
(Image credit: Rachel Tortorello)

Cats are renowned for being curious, and if there’s anything going on in the house they like to know about it! That’s why this sweet video of a cat checking out his new human sibling has gone viral on TikTok, with over 15.4 million views to date.

The video, by TikTok user Rachel Tortorello (@racheltort) from Syracuse, New York, shows her tiny newborn daughter lying on a bed. One of Rachel’s two cats, a beautiful tabby called Kodak, can be seen approaching the bed and standing on tiptoe to see over the edge. Very gently, he stretches out a tentative paw and touches Rachel’s daughter on her toe. His touch is so soft that the sleeping child doesn’t even move. Seemingly satisfied with the results of his investigations, Kodak gets down and turns away.


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Fans couldn’t get enough of this tender family moment, with the video attracting thousands of comments. “Cats are often soooooo gentle with babies... it's amazing,” said one commenter. “Cute, cat, looks bigger than the baby!” laughed another. When some fans pointed out that cats can be problematic around children, Rachel posted another video of both cats snuggled up to her daughter to show how gentle they were.

Kodak isn’t alone in being nosey – most cats are curious about their environment. The behavior is shaped by thousands of years of assessing their surroundings for both food and predators. Cats can be territorial, which can be a problem when you introduce a new baby into the household. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) advises planning carefully in advance to help prevent any issues. Set up baby equipment such as cots in advance so your kitty can get used to them, but make the surfaces unwelcoming by placing sheets of cardboard covered in double-sided sticky tape over them. Play recorded sounds of baby noise such as crying and squealing, so that your feisty feline doesn’t get the shock of his life when he hears the real thing! When you bring your newborn home, let your cat smell an item of used clothing or a blanket so he gets used to the scent, then let the pair meet under supervision. It’s also a good idea never to leave your pet alone with a baby.

Kodak, though, looks like he’s just looking out for his new ‘sister’ – it’s clearly going to be a beautiful friendship.

Sara Walker

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