Watch Percy the Doberman Pinscher have a meltdown when she's not allowed to go walkies

Percy the Doberman having a tantrum
(Image credit: Instagram)

Pets provide us with endless entertainment, whether they are doing something bizarre or having a huff – and a viral video of Percy the Doberman Pinscher throwing a temper tantrum when she wasn't allowed to go on her regular walks has got everyone talking. 

Percy is currently in heat and ill, so going out to play recently was very wisely not on the cards for her. Unfortunately, she wasn't at all amused by the idea of being banned from her outdoor playtime and the pooch kicked up a fuss – much like a toddler! 

Percy's owner, Irene, posted a video of the petulant pup mid-tantrum to her TikTok, with the caption "ms girl doesn’t understand the word rest day", and her diva-like huffs and whines quickly went viral.


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In the video, displayed above, Percy can be seen having a good old strop at her owner and even considers taking out her frustration on her siblings. We can only imagine her rant went something like, "What? Why? It's not fair! How come they get to go out?"

While a Doberman like Percy usually requires 1-2 hours of exercise a day, when a dog is sick, just like us humans, it's recommended they get their rest. Percy was also in her first heat, so would have to avoid seeing other dogs too.

Irene might have been doing what's best for her furbaby, but Percy clearly didn't see it that way! Her little meltdown had many viewers in stitches though – particularly her huffy little sniff, although her little tantrum foot stomp is particularly telling.

Percy has since responded to the viral video – which reached an incredible 4.6 million views by the time of this article – and she is a little embarassed... Don't be such a princess next time, eh Percy?


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♬ original sound - irene

We are happy to confirm that since the video was shot she is feeling a lot better and is back out and about playing with her pals. If you'd like to keep up to date with Percy and her siblings, check out her Instagram.