National Dog Mom’s Day: When is it and how can you celebrate?

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National Dog Mom’s Day is one of our favorite annual events where people all across the country can come together to celebrate a very special kind of motherhood, and we couldn’t be more excited that it’s that time of year again. 

For many of us, our dogs are like family members and we often think of them as being like our children. After all, if you’ve ever tried to go shopping for your canine companion, you don’t need us to tell you what an undertaking that is! 

From researching the best dog food and toys to picking out the perfect dog crate, bed and other accessories, it certainly takes a bit of time to consider everything you need for the pup in your life. And then there’s the training - potty, crate, leash - the list goes on. Our furry friends definitely come with some baggage, but there’s no denying that they’re worth the time commitment. 

And while there’s nothing that makes us happier than showering our dogs with love and affection, National Dog Mom’s Day gives us the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the wonderful women raising them. Here’s everything you need to know about this special event, including how you can join in the celebrations.

What is National Dog Mom’s Day?

National Dog Mom’s Day is celebrating its five-year anniversary this year, having been founded back in 2018 by the crew over at Dig - The Dog Person's Dating App. Sisters Casey and Leigh Isaacson who created Dig wanted a dedicated day each year to celebrate and thank the millions of dog moms who spend their days loving and supporting their canine companions.

While it’s still in its infancy, National Dog Mom’s Day continues to grow in popularity, with more and more people joining in the celebrations each year. And the event isn’t just designed for moms who own a canine companion, it’s also about thanking those who foster dogs, care for them in shelters, and who are thinking of adopting in the future.

When is National Dog Mom’s Day?

National Dog Mom’s Day is observed each year on the second Saturday in May, which in 2022, is May 14th. 

How can you celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day?

Whether you’ve been the proud pet parent to a canine companion for years, have just adopted a pup, or are fostering a dog until they find a permanent home, there are so many ways you can get involved in National Dog Mom’s Day.

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1. Go for a walk

It’s an oldie but a goodie! Why not take your pup on a little adventure and hit your local dog park or beach for a good walk together. You could even take along a picnic with some of the best dog treats for your fur friend and some delicious human food for you. And be sure to pack a frisbee or another favorite toy so that you and your dog can have some fun. 

2. Bake something special

We’re huge fans of the saying “everything in moderation - including moderation”, so why not indulge on National Dog Mom’s Day and bake you and your pup some yummy treats. When it comes to the latter, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in our guide to making your own homemade dog treats.

3. Have a pampering session

Why not spend this special day treating yourself and your dog to a lovely pampering session at home? There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to help you relax and when it comes to your dog, you could give them a bath followed by a paw-dicure with professional dog nail clippers. Heaven! 

4. Share your love on social media

This event is the perfect excuse to get snap happy and share photos of your dog on our favorite social media platforms, so why not pop up a series of photos of you and your canine companion or conduct a photoshoot in honor of this special day. Just be sure to use #NationalDogMomsDay so that all the other dog moms out there can see what you’re up to. 

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