Why I’m buying a huge cat tower this Black Friday (it isn't just the low price)

Cat perched on a cat tower
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As far as moggy toys go, cat towers are pretty big. They dominate a room and tend to be quite expensive, so you need to find the right one. I've put off buying one until now because I didn't want to buy a cheap and ugly one - this is furniture you have to see every day. Thankfully, the Black Friday sale weekend coughed up a decent, 54" tower that I managed to bag for less than $42! And there is plenty here for my cat to entertain herself with...

I knew there would be discounted cat trees at this time of year, but I didn't really think there would be a quality option for a worthwhile price. Past years cat tree sales have generally been quite poor. While perusing deals for our guide to the Best Black Friday pet deals 2022 I stumbled across a gorgeous dark grey multi-tower cat tower that I just knew would look stylish in my home, and be the best little condo for my feline friend. With 30% marked off the original retail price it was tough to say no.

I've shared the saving below so that you can swipe up this super affordable deal for your kitten too. There are a couple other impressive sale options underneath too as the Black Friday cat tower deals have been a real highlight of this 2022's sales.

BestPet 54in Cat Tree Tower| Was $59.99

BestPet 54in Cat Tree Tower| Was $59.99, now $41.79 at Amazon
This sleek 54"/137cm cat tower from Amazon has been marked down to an impressive price of $41! The tower comes with not one, but three, perches and two cosy compartment sections for your kitty to snooze in.

PetPals Cat Tree | Was $59.99

PetPals Cat Tree | Was $59.99, now $29.00 at Amazon
Now this one is for all you minimalists out there. The simple yet sophisticated design has two different plush perch features on it as well as a hanging toy for your kitty to play around with. There is a whopping 52% marked off this PetPals option at Amazon right now. We wouldn't wait around if we were you!

Frisco 54 in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo | Was $74.99

Frisco 54 in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo | Was $74.99, now $59.99 at Chewy
Chewy has marked 20% off this multi-tier cat tower which features a bolstered perch tower, five sisal scratching poles, one condo, and one extra plush condo situated on the bottom tier. Once you give this cozy faux-fur tree a feel you'll want to share this with your moggy.

If you don't fancy cluttering your home with dozens of cat toys but need something to entertain and make your kitty feel at home and safe then investing in a cat tower is certainly a wise decision. Most come with material that encourages scratching, so they could well save your furniture from being shredded too. 

A word of caution - some cats take quite a while to become accustomed to new items in your home, and it can be frustrating to invest in a new cat tree like this, only for your fussy feline to continue sleeping on your favorite chair. You can wait it out, or pick up a catnip spray to encourage them to try out their new surroundings.

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Jessica Downey
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