Wonky-faced rescue cat takes social media by storm

Peanut the wonky-faced rescue cat
(Image credit: Sydney Benham)

The eight-year-old rescue cat was adopted by his owner, Sydney Benham from Michigan, three months ago. 

“When I adopted him, the shelter said that it was a birth deformity”, Sydney told UK news website Metro.co.uk. “The vet and the shelter said it doesn’t affect him negatively at all, he just looks funny!”

Thankfully for Peanut, his unique looks didn’t put Sydney off one bit - as soon as she laid eyes on him in the shelter, it was love at first sight.

“I fell in love immediately and knew I needed to take him home”, explained Sydney. “He was the last one that needed to be adopted and I just couldn’t leave him.” 

Peanut had been abandoned at the shelter after his previous owners, who were thought to have also had around eight other cats, passed away. 

As well as his unique features, Peanut is also partially blind and deaf but that doesn’t stop him from leading an otherwise healthy and happy life. 

Last month, Sydney decided to set Peanut up with his very own Instagram and Tik Tok profile called @oldboypeanut and he’s proving to be a fairly popular feline.

He has so far been compared to a rabbit, Garfield, Catbus, and Adam Driver. Either way, Sydney hopes that sharing Peanut’s story will encourage other cat lovers to give all pets a chance, regardless of how they look. 

Chloe Petrylak

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