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Olive and Mabel return in heartwarming New Year message

Olive and Mabel
(Image credit: @MrAndrewCotter)

If you've heard of Olive and Mabel – and that's a very small 'if', considering their star status on the internet – then you'll love this latest offering from them. 

These two labradors have become internet sensations thanks to the videos put together by their owner, Andrew Cotter. A soccer commentator by day, he has put his skills to the best possible use: by filming Olive and Mabel in a variety of situations, lending his critical commentary to their daily activities.

A vital lockdown staple for many, to say they’ve become popular is an understatement as their most popular video currently has 2.6 million views and counting.

As 2020 drew to a close, Andrew marked this in signature fashion: by showing the two concentrating hard on a game of monopoly, while reminiscing about the year gone by, and looking ahead to what 2021 will bring.

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“Worst year you can remember? Well you can’t remember last week” Andrew tells Mabel. Harsh, but probably fair.

Olive seems far more positive about the year gone by, however. “You’ve loved it, having everyone at home all the time,” Andrew points out.

Mabel’s 2021 looks like a dreamy place indeed: one of mountainside walks, beach swims, and general fun. Andrew may describe it like, “As if Black Beauty suffered enormous budget cuts”, but to us it all seems very wonderful.

Olive, on the other hand, has something far less ambitious in mind: in her happy place, she’s simply tucking into a bowl of food with joyful abandon. It’s all about the little things in life, right?

Having tied at monopoly and chess, we sadly don’t get to see them take part in the tiebreaker round: a game of Twister.

Whatever 2021 does decide to bring, we hope that one consistent feature will be more of Olive and Mabel’s brilliant videos. They’ve been a highlight of our year, and we’re sure they will be the same for many other people. 

Steve Wright

Steve has combined editing and writing for publications like SciFiNow, How It Works and All About History with being a doormat to various cats and dogs. He lodges with two moggies called Giles and Willow, and will be told off if he doesn't mention his girlfriend's magnificent pooch, Toby.