Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats review

Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats remains one of the go to spot on treatments for cats

Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats review
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If you're looking for a reliable, easy to apply spot on treatment for your cat, then look no further than Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment


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    Renowned and well-regarded company

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    Easy to apply

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    Safe to use on pregnant and nursing cats


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    Some users have claimed that the product has injured their cat's skin

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Ticks lurk in many of your cat’s favourite places, including woods, fields, even your back garden could be harbouring these ruthless parasites. They secrete enzymes while feeding that help make sure their chosen cat doesn’t feel them bite, and once it starts feeding it can grow to the size of a coffee bean. The longer one stays on a cat and feeds, the more at risk  they are of catching a disease. 

Fleas are similarly destructive and easy for cats to catch. They can live up to two years, and start laying eggs within two days of latching onto a cat.

Thankfully, it’s easy to make sure your cat is always protected against fleas and ticks. Spot on treatments, which are applied topically, are becoming increasingly popular. They work by killing the life cycle of ticks and fleas, but they only work when they are continuously used. 

There are many spot on treatments on the market – but they vary in active ingredients, quality, effectiveness and price.

One of the most popular spot-on flea treatments for cat is the Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats. This very popular, fast-working flea and tick treatment was first used by vets before becoming available without prescription. Its vet-approved formula works within 48 hours, and kills fleas, ticks and lice in one go. One treatment will protect your cat for up to one month.

Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats: Features

Once you have applied the treatment to your cat, any fleas that dare to jump onto their skin will be killed within 24 hours, and ticks will be killed within 48 hours, helping to prevent any tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease.

The formula also kills lice, which can live and feed on a cat’s skin. This is all thanks to fipronil, the active ingredient in Frontline’s formula.

Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats: User reviews

This popular product has almost 6,000 reviews on Amazon alone. Some customers say they come back to this brand time and time again. One satisfied reviewer writes, "I’ve read up on so many products and reviews but always come back to this particular brand; the product has worked brilliantly for both my cats, one very large cat and the other very slender, neither had any type of reaction to the chemicals."

Another writes, "I have been using Frontline Spot On for about five years and my cats and home are still free of ticks, lice and fleas. Either the product really works or there are no ticks, fleas or lice in my neighbourhood!"

Some reviewers do report that the formula doesn’t work for them, or that it causes burns on their cat’s skin. However, it’s not possible to know if the product was applied properly in these cases.

Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats: Performance

Like all spot on treatments, the formula is applied with a pipette, which makes it a bit easier for jumpy and restless cats who don’t like to make these sorts of things easy. Simply empty the contents of the pipette onto your cat’s skin at the back of their neck, so they don’t lick it off, and it will spread itself around. 

The formula will naturally spread over your cat's skin, but Frontline recommends you don't let them swim, or give them a bath, for two days after application.

The treatment comes in one, three and six-dose packs. One three-dose pack will provide your cat with three months of protection. It can be safely used on kittens weighing more than one kg, from eight weeks old. 

Unlike many similar products on the market, it’s also safe to use for pregnant and nursing cats. As long as you follow the instructions carefully, and don’t bathe your cat more than once a week, nothing should affect its efficacy.

Should you buy Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats?

Compared to other spot on flea treatments for cats, Frontline’s wins on a few counts. There aren’t many treatments that are suitable for pregnant and nursing cats. While four-week protection is a pretty standard guarantee across different brands, not all target fleas, ticks and lice in one formula.

Overall, this potent, easy to use formula is a hit among cat owners.

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