Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dog Food with Lamb and Rice review

How well suited is Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dog Food with Lamb and Rice for your dog

Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dog Food with Lamb and Rice review
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PetsRadar Verdict

A well-respected brand that has been in operation for many decades, Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dog Food with Lamb and Rice is a good all-round dog food, suitable for a number of different breeds and sizes.


  • +

    Different kibble sizes for different breeds

  • +

    High-quality protein

  • +

    Money-back guarantee


  • -

    Fairly expensive

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    Not available from all outlets

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According to Hill’s, its Science Plan food has been developed with the combined expertise of more than 220 vets, scientists and pet nutritionists. The brand has been making dog food since 1939 and has proven to be very popular with many dog owners often being listed among the best dog food available – it’s also recommended by more vets than other brand (according to the Hill’s website). 

The company has a number of different options for your dog, depending on its size, age and particular health needs. In this review, we’ll be looking at the Lamb and Rice Adult variant, which is a dry food recommended for dogs aged 1-6, and is available for small/mini, medium and large breeds. It’s worth noting here that dry dog food may not prove suitable for older dogs or those with dental problems, who may be better suited to the best wet dog food.

Hill’s selects ingredients and nutrients which are specifically designed to work with a dog’s biology, and prides itself on only using high-quality ingredients, such as chicken, lamb and salmon. The company is so confident that you (or more accurately, your dog) will enjoy the food, that it offers a money-back guarantee. 

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Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dog Food with Lamb and Rice: Features

Hill’s Science Plan is available in a variety of flavours, including chicken, salmon and lamb. This lamb variety is excellent for any dog that has an allergy to other proteins, such as chicken or beef, or for anybody keen to keep their dog on a single protein diet / single protein meals. 

The food has been especially formulated with adult dogs in their prime in mind. This means that it’s best suited to dogs aged from one – six, with puppy and older adult/senior versions also available for the different stages in your pup’s life. 

By using lamb along with rice, the food is designed to provide gentle digestion – so it might be a good option for any pup with a sensitive stomach. It contains omega+6 and Vitamin E, which are designed to leave your dog with healthy skin and a luxurious coat. The high-quality protein should help with lean muscles and to keep weight under control. 

There are three sizes to choose from with this food, small/mini, medium and large. The small/mini formula features a specially-formulated antioxidant blend for immune support. This size is recommended for dogs up to 10kg in weight, while the medium is intended for dogs 11-25kg, and the large for dogs 25kg or larger. The size of the kibble matches each size, with the smallest for the small/mini variety, to make it appropriate for the size of the dog eating it.

Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dog Food with Lamb and Rice: User reviews

User reviews for Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dog Food with Lamb and Rice are overwhelmingly positive, with many owners saying they would never stray from this brand as their dog loves it. 

Several reviewers also mention how good the food is for helping to keep your dog’s weight under control – so it could be a good option for those who have breeds that are particularly prone to weight gain, such as the French Bulldog, and the associated problems that come with that. 

Lots also mention that the food seems to leave their dogs more satisfied or less hungry than with other comparable foods that their dogs have tried in the past. Some reference that their dogs have been calmer after a few weeks eating the food, so the high-quality ingredients could be having an impact on overall mood and temperament. Along a similar vein, some users reference that their dogs have more energy than before. Others also say that they have noticed an improvement in the quality and shine of their dog’s coat after they have been using Hill’s for a while. 

A few reviewers mention that their previously fussy dogs enjoyed Hill’s, while many praise the different kibble sizes – particularly for small dogs – where other food might be harder to eat and digest, especially for those with dental problems and/or sensitive tummies. Some say that their dogs show excitement when it comes to dinner time, when previously they had become apathetic to their food – it’s worth noting that this could be a temporary effect for some dogs.

On a practical level, the bag being easy to open and reseal was praised, especially if you purchase a larger bag – it should stay fresher for longer.

Should you buy the Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dog Food with Lamb and Rice?

Hill’s is a well-respected brand, and having been around for several decades, it’s clear that it knows what it’s doing when it comes to providing a good selection of choice for dog owners. 

In particular, the Lamb and Rice Adult Food is a good choice for anyone looking for a good all-round food which provides a good level of nutrition, and is specifically suited to the size of their breed. Using different kibble sizes is particularly helpful, especially for smaller dogs, and is something you don’t always get from other brands. 

The only major downside to this food is that it is relatively expensive in comparison to some other brands, but paying a little extra for high-quality food can reap benefits – including financial ones – in the long term.

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