FURminator Long Hair DeShedding Tool for Large Cats review

The FURminator Long Hair DeShedding Tool for Large Cats aims to remove lots of dead hair with ease

FURminator long hair deshedding tool
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PetsRadar Verdict

The FURminator Long Hair DeShedding Tool for Large Cats is designed to remove a huge amount of loose hair and it's designed with long fur in mind.


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    Aimed at cats with long hair

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    Removes a lot of loose fur

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    Releases hair with ease


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    Not the cheapest of brushes

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The FURminator 10730 Long Hair Deshedding Tool for Cats may sound like a bit of a mouthful. But if you use it regularly on your moggies, the risk of them dislodging and swallowing lots of loose hair on their bodies is going to be much reduced. That's because this colorful tool has been designed to decrease shedding by up to 90 percent which is sure to lower the risk of your cat developing – and coughing – up copious hairballs.

It certainly proved to be a winner when we were producing our guide to the best cat brushes. As the name suggests, it is primarily aimed at cats with long hair – the type that are more prone not only to hairballs but matting and tangling of their fur. Since you will need to regularly groom long-haired cats, you need a brush that is comfortable for both you and your feline friend. It has to get rid of loose hairs while being gentle on the skin. It also needs to be easily gripped and used.

The FURminator ticks a lot of boxes in those respects, penetrating the top coat and getting deep into the undercoat to remove those already-shed strands. This will also help to keep your cat's fur free of debris, dirt and even parasites, not only making for a shiner-looking coat but an overall healthier cat as well. There's even a 30-day money back guarantee which will surely give you added peace of mind.

FURminator 10730 Long Hair Deshedding Tool for Cats: Features 

One of the first things you will notice – other than the bold coloring of the plastic casing – is the FURminator's prominent stainless steel brush. It has been designed to safely reach through the topcoat without cutting the cat's skin, so long as the hair is completely dry and the tool is not being pushed down too hard.

Although you should take extra care around the ears and tail – removing any tangles and mats before you get to work – with regular grooming you shouldn't have to do much preparatory work. This goes for most tools that aim to head off problems before they arise. Indeed, we have a hunch that attempts to use this tool on matted hair could potentially damage the brush's teeth. It'll also likely cause painful pulling of the hair as well.

Used correctly, though, this tool will work wonders. As you groom, the tool stimulates the production of natural oils which will then spread across the hair to give a great shine and condition to the coat. Its ergonomic handle will also make gripping the product firm yet comfortable, reducing the chance of hand or arm ache – encouragement for you to continue until your cat's coat is as good as it can be.

When you are finished (or if you're amassing a lot of hair), you can simply press the so-called FURejector button to release the fur by pushing the strands away from the teeth. This makes those grooming sessions relatively stress free. Perhaps that's why the product boasts being recommended by veterinarians, groomers and pet professionals.

FURminator 10730 Long Hair Deshedding Tool for Cats: User reviews 

 A product such as this succeeds or fails on its effectiveness but, as one user wrote, “despite it being a bit uncomfortable for the pet, this is the best product for removing a lot of hair.” Others are surprised by just how well it works. “I'm not one to leave reviews,” said another, “but this brush is everything... nothing – I mean NOTHING – has come close to getting this much fluff off her.”

It's a familiar pattern, with users reporting using it once a week as directed and finding it makes a big difference with much less hair being shed around their homes. Contrary to some people's experience, cats largely appear to enjoy being brushed by the tool. “My cat doesn't mind it at all,” said one. “This removes fur like nothing I have ever seen and my cat loves it,” said another.

A lot depends on technique and different personalities, it would seem. “Works great to pull loose hair from the upper and lower coats of my cats,” a user began. “Three love me using this comb, one hates it but lets me do it.” This particular reviewer fills a grocery bag of hair one a week or so from her four cats! It seems to be a familiar tale.

“I have two long haired cats and this brush gets the top coat and the undercoat so well when I give them their bi-weekly brushing they look about a pound or two skinnier,” a reviewer said. “The best part is they love it!!! They excitedly come running towards me when they see the brush which they have not done for brushes in the past.”

Should you buy the FURminator 10730 Long Hair Deshedding Tool for Cats? 

Given how much four-fifths of users appear to adore this product and how well it removes hair, then it is definitely a tool to consider. It's not the cheapest brush on the market by any means but you often get what you pay for and quality does come at a price.

The main thing is being able to de-shed a cat without causing them pain and having a tool that does so in the most timely and effective way possible. There would be no harm in trying the product and seeing how well it performs on your cat.

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