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10 Most affectionate dog breeds: The pups that love to snuggle

Rottweiler and boy sitting in garden
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What are the most affectionate dog breeds? If you want a pet you can snuggle and cuddle with, then you’ll want to think about adopting a specific breed of dog. Humans have a special bond with dogs, with some pet owners kissing their pooch on the lips, and letting them sleep in their bed! But not all dogs are as affectionate as each other. While some dogs are very independent and don’t like to be petted, others can’t get enough of it, and they will lap up the affection all day long.

While you might assume that some of the most popular small dog breeds are the most affectionate, looks can be deceiving, with some small dogs preferring to be left alone, while some of the larger, most destructive dog breeds are actually also some of the most affectionate dog breeds.

So if you’re looking to add a furry friend to your family who can give you some love, here are the top 10 most affectionate dog breeds out there.

PetsRadar’s most affectionate dog breeds…


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1. Pug

Pugs love their owners and can be very needy. They’ll often follow you around and want to sprawl out on the bed or in your lap. They love the attention and like to spend lots of time with their owners. They enjoy belly rubs, kisses, and cuddles and are the perfect snuggle buddy whenever you need a pick me up!

Golden Retriever cuddling woman

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2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are by far one of the most affectionate dog breeds out there, which makes them excellent family dogs. They’re great with children, they’re gentle, loving and kind and will never say no to a belly rub. They love to lay down and cuddle with you, and they’ll give you just as much affection as you give them. They’re loyal dogs that are loving and trustful.

Rottweiler and boy sitting in garden

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3. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are incredibly protective and love their families very much. If they know you then they’ll enjoy sitting close to you and being stroked, and while they can be a little unsure of strangers, once they get to know you they’ll welcome the attention. Rottweilers are one of the more misunderstood dog breeds, but they’re gentle giants really.

Newfoundland cuddling little boy

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4. Newfoundland

These big chunks love to laze around with you. The Newfoundland is calm and friendly, and while they need a lot of exercise, they also enjoy snuggling up with you at the end of a long day. Their fur makes them just like a giant teddy bear so they're perfect for cuddling, and they’re incredibly sensitive around children too.

Bichon Frise

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5. Bichon Frise

This smaller breed of dog is too cute not to cuddle, and lucky for you, they love the attention. Their fluffy coat makes them the perfect little lap dog, and they will happily curl up in a ball on your lap or on the sofa next to you. They feel safe with their owners and enjoy the company, so you’ll often find them making themselves at home at the end of your bed.

Man kissing Jack Russel Terrier

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6. Jack Russell Terrier

This excitable dog breed does love their independence but secretly loves a snuggle too. The Jack Russell Terrier enjoys being the centre of attention, and while they spend a lot of time outdoors, they also enjoy lounging around at home. You’ll win them over with lots of belly rubs and a warm lap to rest their head in.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in owners lap

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7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

As cuddly as they look, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a calm dog that is very patient and makes a lovely companion. They’re highly adaptable and are great dogs to be around for people of all ages, and their sociable side makes them one of the most affectionate dog breeds you can get. They enjoy snuggling up in the warm and will show their owners a lot of love.  

Boxer dog in woman's arms

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8. Boxer

Another frequently misunderstood dog breed, Boxers are big bundles of joy who love nothing more than to show their owners some love. They’re loyal and like to stay by their owner's side, so you may notice your boxer following you wherever you go. They need a lot of reassurance in the form of cuddles and positive reinforcement but Boxers are friends for life.

Great Dane laying head in woman's lap

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9. Great Dane

Another gentle giant, the Great Dane adores humans. While they may seem intimidating to some, a Great Dane enjoys nothing more than a kiss and a cuddle to show them you care. They’re a great companion for chilling in bed or on the sofa watching Netflix, and they’ll watch over you while you sleep, keeping you safe and sound.

Pitbull holding owners hands

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10. Pitbull

Extremely loyal and in need of extra love is the Pitbull. They get a bad rep in the dog world, but anyone who has a Pitbull will know how gentle they really are. When trained and cared for correctly, Pitbulls will be devoted to their owners, enjoying lots of kisses and cuddles, and will even show affection to children too. These pups have a warm heart and a kind soul.

Is your dog affectionate? Some owners love to spoil their pup, but should you let your dog sleep in your bed? Well, if you’re a woman then perhaps so, as it’s said that higher levels of empathy have led scientists to debunk the myth that dogs are man’s best friend.