5 cool DIY hamster habitats your little pocket pet will love

DIY hamster habitats made to look like a woodland cottage with hamster peeking out of door
(Image credit: YouTube/ErinsAnimals)

There’s nothing more satisfying than a bit of DIY and these hamster habitats are the perfect excuse to whip out those crafting materials and get to work on creating a little something special for your much-loved pocket pet.

While the best hamster cages provide you with a quick and easy way to house your little friend, nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like taking the time to make a super special home and with a ton of inspiration below, you definitely won’t be short of ideas!

Using a range of different materials from cardboard to popsicle sticks, these hamster habitats take a little bit of time to put together, but we promise you they’re well worth the effort. 

You’ll find some are small and best used in conjunction with one of the best rabbit runs to provide your hammy with plenty of space to move around in, while others are much larger and will comfortably accommodate both your pocket pet and several of the best hamster toys.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at five of the coolest DIY hamster habitats that use simple materials to create eye-catching designs that both your forever friend and all the visitors to your home are sure to love.

1. Popsicle stick hamster house

A hamster house built entirely from popsicle sticks and fashioned with popsicle stick hamster-sized furniture? Sign us up! Measuring 36cm wide, 29cm deep and 37cm high, this house provides different levels and areas to explore, making it ideal for banishing boredom. There’s even a self-closing door that lets your hammy get in and out with ease. Beautifully designed and super-affordable to make, this adorable hideaway ticks all the boxes.

2. Wooden hamster house

This hammy home is made from wood and is definitely the one for you if you love getting stuck into something that will leave you feeling satisfied at the end. We love that it features open and enclosed spaces with ramps to make getting between the two levels a breeze for your hamster. Just be sure to use non-toxic glue and we also recommend avoiding putting the light in as your hammy could harm themself by chewing through the wiring.

3. Fairy cottage hamster house

If you’re after a woodland or fairy-themed hamster home, then this adorable cottage is almost impossible to go past. Made from a mixture of wood and popsicle sticks and then lovingly hand painted, this home will add a touch of whimsy to your living space and provide the perfect place for your hammy to retreat to when they’re looking for a little bit of peace and quiet. 

4. Cardboard hamster house

This cute hamster house with amazing rainbow stairs is made from cardboard and comes jam packed with color, making it a total showstopper of a living space. While it is time consuming, taking on average 8 days for most people to make, the results are well and truly worth it. Functional, fun and with a dose of magic, this hamster home will delight both your hammy and everyone who comes to visit!

5. Advanced-level wooden hamster house

A labor of love that’s worth every minute, this stunning wooden hamster home is a hammy’s dream with beautifully made steps that lead up to their own private hideaway, plus a fully functional wooden hamster wheel, a bridge that enables your pocket pet to move across the top level, and a movable swing below for them to play on. If you can pull this one off, we have a feeling your hammy will love you forever!

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