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8 dog enrichment ideas that will keep your pooch entertained

dog enrichment ideas
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If you're looking for exciting dog enrichment ideas for your pooch, then these top tips and inspiring activities are sure to do the trick. 

Coming up with new ways to satisfy a canine's eager mind can be challenging, but the good news is it doesn't have to cost the earth to pull off. In fact, many can be achieved with good quality dog toys you have already in the home.

It's likely you already know how important canine enrichment is for our dogs. ‘Enrichment’ means improving an animal’s environment to make it more interesting. It’s something that’s done in zoos, on farms, and even in homes – and it’s likely you’re doing some of these things without realizing.

However, dogs are intelligent and social animals with great puzzle-solving abilities that they rarely get to use day-to-day. Providing them with more enrichment opportunities gets them to stretch their mental muscles and enjoy their environment, and is thought to be very fulfilling for them.  

1. Increase playtime 

Social interaction is key for dogs, and play forms an important part of bonding. If you have time, playing with your dog is one of the best types of dog enrichment you can offer. However, if adding in a daily play session isn’t feasible, consider investing in a few toys that your dog can play with on his own. 

Interactive toys for dogs are increasingly available, and you’re bound to find an option that might excite your dog. Some reward the return of a ball with a treat, whilst others move of their own accord to get your dog chasing and catching his ‘prey’.

Dog enrichment

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2. Try puzzle feeders 

The benefits of using puzzle feeders cannot be overstated. Dogs are highly intelligent, and descended from wolf-like creatures that used that intelligence to hunt and scavenge for their foods. In fact, a large portion of a wild dog’s day was hunting. Now, we give them dog food and, although it’s nutritionally excellent, it’s eaten in a matter of minutes, leaving them unsure how to spend the rest of their day.

Try adding puzzle feeders to your dog’s day. There are designs for wet and dry food, beginners and experts, so you’re sure to find something to entertain your dog and provide them with mental stimulation and enrichment.

3. Rotate toys regularly 

Whether it’s puzzle feeders, interactive toys, or simply the best dog toys that your dog loves, rotating them is a way to ensure they remain fresh and exciting. Since dog enrichment is all about improving your dog’s environment, don’t allow it to get boring by leaving all the toys out, all the time.

Instead, try to keep a third of your dog’s toys out of sight, and swap them for some of the ones in the basket from time to time. This enrichment idea can actually save you money, as you don’t need to buy a new toy to entertain your dog! Switching your dog’s toys also allows you to assess them for damage and remove any that are starting to become dangerous. 

dog puzzle feeder

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4. Add in some new toys 

Rotating toys is certainly a good way to keep the costs down, but there does come a time when adding new toys is best. One option is to make DIY dog toys that your furry friend will enjoy but that don’t cost a fortune. You may also be able to pick up toys second hand – just make sure they’re clean, and there’s no damage. Lastly, consider using toys made from natural materials or recycled plastic in order to minimize your impact on the environment. 

5. Treasure hunts 

A creative and affordable dog enrichment idea for those on a budget, try setting up a ‘treasure hunt’ for your dog. To do this, hide your dog’s kibble around the house or garden before letting them go to find it. As you would for small children, make sure all kibble is accessible by your dog, and leave it in obvious places until your dog gets the hang of the game! It’s best to start with not too much food and only in one room of the house so you know it’s all been found! 

7. Change of walk 

Try changing where you walk your dog to spice things up a little for both of you! Take a drive to a new area, or do the usual walk in reverse. You can also change what you do on the walk – instead of just marching around the route, try letting your dog stop to sniff more, or sit on a bench and see who passes. Changing your dog’s routine is good mental stimulation and is another cheap way to provide easy dog enrichment. 

dog walking reduces risk of canine dementia

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 8. Set up a playroom or garden zone 

If you really want to spoil your dog, one option is to set up a room or space just for your dog to enjoy. The room (or space in the garden) should be designed around what your dog loves to do. You might include a sandpit, long grass for sniffing and chewing on, a cosy den, or even a giant snuffle mat rug on the floor. Think about your dog as a wild animal – design them a ‘zoo enclosure’ that mimics their natural habitat and their interests. For those with the space and time, dedicating a space to your dog is the ultimate exercise in love! 


It’s easy to see why our dogs can get bored in the house, especially when they’re young and inquisitive. Trying some new dog enrichment ideas is a great way to amuse them as well as tire them out. Whether it’s changing the walk routine or creating a whole playroom just for your dog, enrichment can be as simple or as complicated as you like. 

Dr Joanna Woodnutt MRCVS

Dr Joanna Woodnutt is an experienced vet with an interest in companion animals. She recently left full-time practice to work as a relief vet and write articles about pets.