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Variety is the spice of life, which is why supplementing your kitty’s diet with a few tasty treats can be a great idea. And do we have some total winners for you in our list of favorites below. Packed full of flavor, these crowd-pleasing treats are all low in calories, high in nutrition, and totally delicious. Trust us, serve your cat any of these, and you’ll be scoring yourself some serious brownie points.

Top pick

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Temptations MixUps Crunchy and Soft Cat Treats Surfer's Delight

Tasty low-calorie treats in a value-sized tub

Who said low-calorie has to mean zero-taste? These delicious tuna, salmon, and shrimp bites from Temptations are crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside, creating an irresistible combination your cat won’t be able to resist getting their paws on. The cat-proof tub means you don’t have to worry about your mischievous moggie trying to help themselves when you’re not looking, and with just 2 calories per treat, you can use these as rewards throughout the day or as a topper to your furkid’s regular meal. Either way, these nutritionally complete treats are bound to be a winner.

Best for teeth

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Feline Greenies Natural Dental Care Cat Treats

Put a sparkling smile on your furkid’s dial

For the cat that likes to have a million-dollar smile, then these natural dental care treats from Feline Greenies will keep those pearly-whites in tip-top condition. The crunchy texture and unique shape help to clean teeth and reduce tartar build-up, while also keeping your cat’s breath smelling fresh. This number-one vet-recommended dental treat comes in an irresistible salmon flavor with added vitamins, minerals, and taurine for strong bones. With less than 2 calories per treat and made from all-natural ingredients, these are a great option for good dental hygiene.

Best for kittens

Packet of cat treats

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Wellness Kittles Tasty Crunchy Treats

Perfect treats for little paws

For the baby of the house, these natural and grain-free crunchy morsels make the perfect treat. Designed to keep teeth clean, these treats contain only the highest-quality ingredients with no meat by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Packed full of protein from the salmon, there’s also plenty of fruit and vegetables, including cranberries for urinary tract health. Created by vets and nutritionists, this formula is full of everything your kitten needs and none of what they don’t. Full of fiber and antioxidants, and at under two calories per treat, this is a snack you can feel good about giving.

Best protein treat

Cat treats

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Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks With Chicken

Irresistible cat snacks made with real meat

These meaty tender sticks are made with real chicken and pork and are free from corn, wheat, and soy. With a rich taste that your cat will come running for, these sticks are soft and tender, perfect for easy chewing. The box contains 10 packs, each with five individually wrapped sticks for maximum freshness. You can feed the stick in one piece or break into individual pieces to be given throughout the day. The chicken provides an excellent source of lean protein for healthy muscles, and at just 13 calories per stick, they’re the perfect daily treat.

Best wet treat

Cat treats

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Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels

Haute cuisine for the foodie feline

Does your cat have a refined palette? Then these raw treats from Stella & Chewy’s are bound to get their purr of approval. Containing 98% cage-free chicken, organs, and bone, these treats are crafted with care in small batches to ensure your cat gets the highest-quality nutrition. We love that these treats are all-natural and minimally processed with no added hormones, antibiotics, grains, or fillers. Providing 100% complete and balanced nutrition for cats of all life stages, these freeze-dried treats promote healthy digestion, vibrant skin and coat, and healthy teeth and gums.

Best fresh treat

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Purina Fancy Feast Cat Treats

Give your kitty a taste of land and sea

Treats don’t come much better than these. This variety pack features 10 pouches that come in a mix of chicken, tuna, and salmon, and each portion has only one ingredient. Whether it’s succulent flaked salmon or tasty natural chicken, you can rest assured that you’re giving your pet the best of the best. High in protein to keep your kitty full of energy, these treats are crafted from only the highest-quality proteins and are free from by-products and fillers.

How to choose the best cat treats

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Just like us humans, cats love a treat now and again. The best cat treats are low calorie and nutritionally balanced while still providing an intense flavor hit that will have your kitty coming back for more.  And when it comes to a good budget buy, you can’t beat the ever crowd-pleasing Temptations MixUps Crunchy and Soft Cat Treats, that come in an affordable value-pack. Meat-loving pets will go mad for the Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks With Chicken that have a soft and chewy texture with a rich taste your cat will love.

If you’re wanting to give your feline friend a dose of Michelin-starred dining, then Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Dinner Morsels use only the highest quality of ingredients that are bound to get the paws up from your pal. And for the youngest members of the household, we recommend Wellness Kittles Tasty Crunchy Treats, full of all the things a kitten needs to thrive.


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