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Best cooling mat for dogs: Self-cooling mats, pads, and beds for every pooch

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best cooling mat for dogs
(Image credit: Pet Soft)

When the temperature is just too hot, only the best cooling mat for dogs will do. This handy product typically involves the use of gel, however, they can also be made using fabric or water. 

It's effectively the cooling equivalent of a good dog bed; the mat or pad offers your dog somewhere comfortable to rest alongside added cooling functionality.

A gel cooling dog mat, pad, or bed usually works by becoming activated by pressure once your pooch sits or lies on it. Once activated, the mat or pad absorbs heat from your pet, then recharges and chills once your pet leaves. 

Alternatives include beds made from a special cooling fabric, but you could also try an elevated dog bed if you'd prefer to keep your pooch off the ground. 

The cooling mat's function is both to cool and comfort your dog. Whether you live somewhere hot and humid, or where the summer months bring hot days, sometimes an outdoor pool just isn't sufficient for our poochy pal to feel the chill.

Throw into the mix the risk of them overheating, not to mention shedding mess if they're cooling off indoors, a cooling mat offers a convenient refuge for our canine chums to stretch out, keep clean, and feel a spot of support beneath their paws.

Senior dogs who enjoy all the benefits of a quality orthopedic bed could find that a bed with cooling functionality provides them both with support for their muscle and joint problems and a chilled spot in which to sleep. While canines with extra thick fur or energetic pups who love playing in the sun will thank you for providing a cooldown spot.

If you'd like to know more about the criteria we've used to judge our decisions, be sure to navigate to our how-to section on choosing the best cooling mat for dogs, complete with in-depth detail so you can be sure you're making the right choice for your pooch.

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PetsRadar's pick of the best cooling mat for dogs

  • Best overall cooling mat for dogs:  The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat 
  • Best portable cooling mat for dogs: AMOFY Pet Mat
  • Best budget cooling mat for dogs: BESAZW Cooling Mat Pad
  • Best large cooling mat for dogs: Pawaboo Pet Cooling Mat for Dogs and Cats
  • Best stylish cooling mat for dogs: Pet Soft Dog Cool Mat
  • Best orthopedic cooling dog bed: Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Dog Bed
  • Best water-cooling pad for dogs: DogLemi Pet Dog Cooling Mat 
  • Best elevated cooling dog bed: K&H Pet Products Elevated Dog Bed 

best cooling mat for dogs TheGreenPetShopBest buy award

(Image credit: TheGreenPetShop)

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

Best overall cooling mat for dogs

Size: 1.8 x 15.7 inches; 20 x 30 inches
Type: Non-toxic gel mat
Suitable for: Small and medium dogs
Reasons to buy
+ Multiple sizes + Easy to clean+ Waterproof   
Reasons to avoid
-Too small for extra large dogs -Smooth surface won't appeal to all dogs  

Pet owners looking for a comfortable cooling mat for dogs should look no further than The Green Pet Shop. Their pressure-activated gel cooling mat is a great choice, but we've opted instead for the brand's patented pressure-activated pet cooling pad.

It's available in multiple sizes: a decent 1.8 x 15.7 inches for small dogs weighing between 0-8lbs and one at 20 x 30 inches for larger dogs weighing between 21 and 45lbs. One drawback is the lack of extra-large size for big breeds – XL is available in other product lines from the brand, so if that applies to your pooch, be prepared to consider other mats in the range.

However, one area in which it performs remarkably is comfort. The mat is soft and well-constructed. Some pooches may not like the smooth surface at first, so be prepared to pop a fabric cover on just in case. Most canines will like it so much they'll curl up right away to enjoy the cool surface.

To clean, simply wipe it down; it's waterproof enough to deal with significant doggy accidents and works well inside and outside the home. Just beware if your pooch is prone to chewing, however. Although the cooling mat features non-toxic gel, canines with allergies, in particular, should be supervised.

best cooling mat for dogs AMOFYPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: AMOFY )

AMOFY Pet Mats

Best portable cooling mat for dogs

Size: 36 x 26 inches; 43 x 26 inches
Type: Polyester mat
Suitable for: Small and medium dogs
Reasons to buy
+Various colors +Handy bag+Great for camping holidays +Lightweight 
Reasons to avoid
-Thin-Design works better outdoors  

Whether you are looking to travel with your cooling mat or simply transport it to the end of your yard, AMOFY Pet Mat rolls down well for putting in the car or for storage purposes. It comes with a handy drawstring bag to pop it in once your dog has finished lying on it, while its lightweight design means you can sling it across your shoulder in style.

We love that this product comes in various colors: a bright orange or blue you won't be able to miss in the darkest of woodland. Its breathable polyester fabric makes it an ideal companion for camping, which is handy if you're planning to take your pooch on a nature trail excursion.

Anti-slip fabric is used on the back to prevent the pet mat from slipping or sliding, while you can simply wipe it down to keep clean or pop it in the machine to deal with any significant accidents. 

If you're not fussed about portability and prefer a stylish indoors bed, this might not be for you. The mat is on the thin side, which allows it to be easily rolled, but pooches looking for a thick and comfortable place to rest their paws might prefer more cushioned comfort.

best cooling mat for dogs BESAZWPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: BESAZW)

BESAZW Cooling Mat Pad

Best budget cooling mat for dogs

Size: 27 x 43 x 1 inches
Type: Non-toxic, latex-free fabric mat
Suitable for: Small and medium dogs
Reasons to buy
+Great price +Light weight+Portable 
Reasons to avoid
-No anti-slip functionality-Lacks gel technology  

If you're not looking to spend too much money, the BESAZW Cooling Mat Pad comes at a truly affordable price point. There are a few different sizes on offer here, which is handy for pooches that love to stretch out, but this mat lacks any kind of gel cooling technology.

It's essentially a cooler fabric bed that doesn't retain heat. Made from breathable mesh and self-cooling fabric, it could be worth a try for pet owners who are concerned about their dog potentially ingesting any gel from the mat. 

Its lightweight design is a plus on the portability front, but some pet owners may expect more thickness to ensure the best comfort possible for their pet. Its thin fabric can easily slide on your floor, but considering the budget price, pet owners may be pleasantly surprised by how quickly their pet takes to it.

large cooling mat for dogs pawabooPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: Pawaboo)

Pawaboo Pet Cooling Mat for Dogs and Cats

Best large cooling mat for dogs

Size: 47× 28 inches
Type: Self-cooling fabric mat
Suitable for: Medium and large dogs
Reasons to buy
+Good size +Lightweight +Portable +Versatile
Reasons to avoid
- Lacks gel technology  

Perfect for bigger breeds, the Pawaboo Pet Cooling Mat for Dogs is rather roomy. At 47in, there's plenty of space for multiple pets, and it also comes with an effective anti-slip bottom to ensure there are no accidents even for the most energetic of pups.

Pet owners looking for an alternative to gel may prefer the idea of a cold-sensing fabric, particularly if your dog is liable to chew things. However, like other cooling mats made from a similar material, its lightweight design is both a pro and con. It's perfectly portable, but some pet owners may prefer greater thickness for optimal pup comfort.

The product features convenient straps which makes it a fantastic choice for use both indoors and out. Apply it to your sofa or an existing dog bed as a cooling blanket, then remove and pop it on your lawn to turn it into a mat.

best cooling mat for dogsPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: Pet Soft)

Pet Soft Dog Cool Mat

Best stylish cooling mat for dogs

Size: 18.9x13.8 inches; 22.8x17.7 inches; 26.8x21.7 inches
Type: Self-cooling fabric pad and bed
Suitable for: All dogs
Reasons to buy
+Eye-catching design +Versatile +Easy to clean  
Reasons to avoid
-Not waterproof -Design works better indoors 

For pet owners bored of seeing the same design time after time, the Pet Soft Dog Cool Mat looks more like a stylish dog bed. Its striped blue design is sure to make a statement in any corner of the room, while the inner cooling mattress pad can be removed for easy cleaning or for use on its own. 

Available in three different sizes, there's plenty of choice here; whether your pooch is plentiful or petite.

The design makes it naturally a great choice for indoors, but it can just as easily be used outside, provided it isn't raining. The Pet Soft Cool Mat is made from a lightweight fabric design, but it isn't necessarily made to withstand the elements.

Dogbed4less orthopedic dog bedPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: Dogbed4less)

Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Dog Bed

Best orthopedic cooling dog bed

Size: Small to extra large
Type: Orthopedic gel bed
Suitable for: Senior dogs; dogs with issues in joints.
Reasons to buy
+Easily removable washable covers +Highly durable +Gel technology +Great for all-year round use 
Reasons to avoid
- Not completely waterproof  

Ideal for aging dogs, the Dogbed4less Extra Large Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Dog Bed combines all the benefits of pressure point relief and alignment support with a cooler sleeping surface for a more restful sleep. 

The bed is gel-infused, making it colder to the touch than the traditional standard memory foam. It doesn't need to be a sunny day for your mutt to want to use this, it's an ideal dog bed for all seasons.

It comes with multiple covers which are easy to remove and wash, including a stylish exterior that's heavy and durable enough to withstand hair and mud whilst providing ample comfort.

Made from a solid 4in of high-density memory foam, you will find the Dogbed4less Extra Large Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Dog Bed an excellent choice, particularly if you find dog beds prone to flattening.

best cooling mat for dogs DogLemiPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: DogLemi)

DogLemi Pet Dog Cooling Mat

Best water-cooling pad for dogs

Size: 20x26 inches
Type: Water-cooling pad
Suitable for: All dogs
Reasons to buy
+Easy to clean +Super cool temperature+Multiple sizes  +Great price
Reasons to avoid
-Set up inconvenient -Heavy -No ice crystal refills  

For when only ice will suffice, opt for a water-cooling pad to really cool your furbaby down. Fill the DogLemi Pet Dog Cooling Mat with water then add ice crystals inside to let your dog enjoy a cool summer.

Pet owners will be charmed by the sight of their pooch on its very own waterbed, but once up and running, the product is quite heavy, which is a real thumbs down on the portability front.

On the plus side, it's pretty durable considering its cushiony waterbed appearance. Dogs who like to dig or chew will likely find their attempts don't significantly damage the solid base below them. However, pet owners may be concerned about the potential presence of chemicals in the ice crystals; if your pooch is particularly destructive, supervision at all times is advised. A lack of ice crystal refills also seems like a drawback on the longevity front.

Compared with a cooling mat that has gel inside, it may seem like a chore to fill it with water and add ice crystals, but once added, the mat is typically nice and cool without any extra fuss. You can, however, add it to the fridge or freezer to get it extra cold.

K&H Pet Products best dog cooling matPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: K&H Pet Products)

K&H Pet Products Elevated Dog Bed

Best elevated dog bed

Size: Small to extra large
Type: Nylon elevated dog bed
Suitable for: Small and medium dogs
Reasons to buy
+Breathable fabric +Easy to set up +Sturdy+Collapsible 
Reasons to avoid
-Muted colors -Not for aggressive chewers -Not ideal for big breeds

Whether you're concerned with ground heat or dirty paws, opting for a good cooling elevated dog bed is a smart choice. The K&H Pet Products Elevated Dog Bed is made from nylon, which typically holds up well to any wear and tear and is breathable in hot temperatures.

If you're someone who feels dread at the thought of building anything from scratch, rest assured the bed is easy to assemble. Just put the poles through each opening on the material and join the legs. 

The product is available in a range of sizes and even comes in a few designs, though perhaps the colors are a little on the dull and muted side.

Considering its mesh center, the bed is pretty sturdy, but the stitching can start to come apart at the seams. If you have a large dog, you may start to see signs of wear and tear emerge after a while.

The bed is also not ideal for aggressive chewers. The nylon material can be easily chewed apart, but most dogs will be able to lounge on this without fear of the material giving way. It is generally strong and sturdy without a slippery surface that could make timid dogs feel uneasy on their feet.

 How to choose the best cooling mat for dogs 

best cooling mat for dogs: dog on mat on grass

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Easy to clean  

Once placed on the ground, dog mats tend to pick up a lot of hair, dirt and dust, while any bed-like design is always prone to toilet accidents.

Any great cooling mat for dogs should be easy to clean, whether that's using a damp cloth or a washing machine.  


Dog mats typically come in a variety of sizes. You'll want to pick one that's large enough for your pooch or get one that's large enough so that multiple pets can use it at the same time. Be sure to check any dimensions before you buy, especially if you're looking to use your mat inside a kennel or crate.

Ease of use  

If you're fortunate to live somewhere particularly sunny, you may want to bring out the cooling bed frequently. Can the mat be set up and dismantled again with ease? If ease of use is most important to you, look for mats that don't require electricity, water, or refrigeration.


Are you a keen traveler? Then the ability to roll or fold your mat down becomes an important consideration when choosing the best cooling mat for dogs. Water-filled cooling mats or beds can become heavy and difficult to move. Opt for a lightweight option instead that can withstand the elements.


If your dog is particularly destructive, you may want to choose a sturdy bed that can withstand scratching, chewing, and biting. Shelving out good money means you expect the product to be long-lasting and to be used time and time again.  


If your dog will be spending a lot of time on their mat, you should make sure it is comfortable enough for them. Some mats have more padding and softer outer material than others.

Non-toxic materials

Make sure the mat you choose is suitable for your dog and made from non-toxic materials. Nylon holds up well to wear and tear and is breathable. Avoid mats made with latex, plastic, rubber, or foam as they tend to sweat and trap moisture.  

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