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Best diabetic dog treats 2022: 9 perfect low-sugar picks

Best diabetic dog treats
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The best diabetic dog treats have gone from strength to strength in recent years with a range of delicious and nutritious options now lining the shelves. Alongside the best diabetic dog food, treats that have been designed specifically for dogs with diabetes allow you to reward your pup without having to worry about their health.

Unlike dog treats that have been formulated for general use, diabetic dog treats are low in sugar and contain complex carbohydrates that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, helping to suppress sugar spikes.

Made to a recipe that contains food with a low glycemic index such as grains, vegetables, meat and fish and, in most cases, you'll know that you are buying diabetic-friendly treats because the packet will tell you so. But it's still worth checking the back just to make sure. Steer away from unnatural ingredients, additives and preservatives. Look out, too, for any ingredients you fear have a higher than desired glycemic index such as corn syrup.

One thing's for sure, feeding diabetic dogs the wrong food can be dangerous. Diabetes in dogs isn't a condition to take lightly because it can cause drops in blood sugar levels that, when left untreated, can lead to seizures and even death. You should also work out when to feed your dog. It's usually best to stick to set times rather than leave food out all day for your dog to graze on as this will help to prevent your pup from over-eating.

If you don't fancy buying treats and would prefer to make your own so you know exactly what's gone into them, our delicious diabetic dog treat recipes are sure to get the paws up from your pup. 

If you'd prefer the convenience of store-bought tasty titbits, read on for our selection of the best diabetic dog treats.