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Sometimes, three square meals a day just ain’t enough, which is why supplementing those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it chow-down sessions with something a little longer lasting can be the perfect solution for your foodie four-legged friend. A dog bone can be a great way of keeping your pooch occupied, providing plenty of mental stimulation in a nutritious and flavor-filled treat. Our favorite bones have a satisfying taste and texture that will have your dog happily wagging their tail every time you open the bag.

Top pick

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Milk-Bone MaroSnacks

A meaty crunch your mutt will go mad for

These wholesome and delicious treats come packed with meaty bone marrow encased in a crispy and crunchy biscuit shell. Crammed full of calcium for healthy teeth and bones, and with just 10 calories per treat, this is a wholesome and healthy snack you can feel good about giving them. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, they can be easily broken into smaller pieces for more frequent treating. The satisfying taste and texture will make these treats a winner with your canine companion.

Best long-lasting bones

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones

Treat your dog to the gift that keeps on giving

These savory long-lasting soup bones are made from U.S. farm-raised beef and are free from meat by-products, corn, and soy. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, these beef and barley bones have a tender, meaty center and provide a satisfying chew. Featuring all the nutrition of a wholesome bowl of soup and zero artificial flavors, this 11-bone bag will put a huge smile on your pup’s dial.

Best meaty middle

Packet of dog bones

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Purina Busy Bone Treats

Delicious dog bones where fun meets yum

Featuring a scrumptious and meaty pork center, these dual-layer tasty treats will satisfy your dog’s innate need to gnaw. Made from high-quality ingredients and free from rawhide, these easily digestible long-lasting chews help keep your canine’s teeth clean and provide plenty of fun and mental stimulation. Available in a variety of different sized packs, these bone treats are perfect for small and medium-sized dogs.

Best rawhide-free bones

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SmartBones Peanut Butter Mini Bones

A mouth-watering taste your dog will go nuts for

With a peanut butter and vegetable outside encasing real chicken inside, these mini bones are bound to be a huge hit with your hound. With all the benefits of a rawhide chew but without the rawhide, these 24 fun-shaped treats are easy to digest and enriched with vitamins and minerals. Low in fat but high in protein, these satisfying bones make for a great daily treat.

Best for oral health

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Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Optimal oral health is just a chew away

Keep your canine’s teeth and gums clean and healthy with these dental bones. Wheat-free and featuring parsley to help keep your dog’s breath smelling fresh, these bones also contain peas and blueberries to aid digestion. With an ideal shape and texture to prevent tartar and plaque buildup, these healthy daily dental chews are free from poultry by-products, corn, and soy. They’re also free of dye, getting their vibrant hue from beetroot instead.

Best budget buy

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Nylabone Healthy Edibles

Limited ingredients bag these bones two paws up

Healthy and nutritious, these bones are made with natural ingredients and added vitamins and minerals for a wholesome treat that delivers on flavor and quality. With a limited ingredient list, these bones are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The delicious roast beef taste and long-lasting formula will keep your dog happy for hours, and with each bone being rich in amino acids to help support bone health and immune function, you can rest assured their health is in good hands.

How to choose the best dog bones

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Sometimes, mealtimes can be over all too quickly, which is why giving your dog a satisfying and long-lasting treat in between can be a great idea. We love Milk-Bone MaroSnacks because they come packed full of meaty marrow encased in a crispy biscuit shell that provides the ultimate chewy and crunchy treat. If you’re after something super long-lasting then you can’t go past Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones that give your dog all the wholesome nutrition of a bowl of soup with a rich and meaty beef flavor your furkid will go crazy for.

For those dogs that require a little bit of extra support with their oral hygiene, we highly recommend Blue Buffalo Dental Bones, featuring parsley to keep your furry friend’s breath fresh. And if you have a pooch who goes nutty for peanut butter, then SmartBones Peanut Butter Mini Bones, featuring the best in rawhide-free nutrition, are an absolute winner.


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