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Dog in swimming pool
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A pool is a fun place for your pet pooch to cool down on a hot day. They can splash and roll around until their heart's content. A pool is also a practical solution when your dog needs a wash. Cleaning your dog outside means less cleaning up time inside. Many kids’ pools can double up as a dog pool, but are often too flimsy to last, so what’s the answer? A strong, sturdy specialist dog pool. Here we pick six of the best dog pools out there to help you decide which is the best choice for you.

Top pick

Dog in swimming pool

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Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

Get an extra-tough PVC pool for dogs of all sizes

Dogs come in different sizes, so if you are on the lookout for a pool for your dog you will need one that suits. The Jasonwell comes in five different sizes from small to XXL. The smallest measures 32 inches in diameter with an 8-inch side. The XXL measures a more impressive 63 inches in diameter with 12-inch high sides. Enough room for a very large dog, or a smaller dog and its owner. You won't need to inflate the extra-tough PVC pool, simply fold out and fill. 

Best portable pool

Dog in swimming pool

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V-HANVER Foldable Dog Pool

A portable, fold-down and easy to transport dog pool

A dog pool needs to be strong and sturdy, and the V-Hanver is made from an extra-tough PVC material with the bottom having a thicker slip-resistant material. It also has wrapped edges on top of the pool sides to prevent wear and punctures. The pool comes in three different sizes - small, medium, large - making it ideal for most dog breeds. It also has a convenient fold-down design which makes it both easy to put up and easy to take down.

Easy fill & drain

Dog in swimming pool

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YAHEETECH Foldable Hard Plastic Large Dog Pet Bath

A strong, sturdy dog pool that is easy and convenient to drain

The YAHEETECH is a dog pool that uses thickened MDF plates under its tough waterproof PVC outer skin to provide strong, sturdy sides. The bottom of the pool is made from a thickened non-slip hard-wearing plastic. It has a strategically placed drainage valve that helps water drain away quickly. It also has a drain adapter that allows you to attach a hose to empty the water into a nearby drain. A handy waterline indicator makes sure that you don’t overfill the pool.

Best budget buy

Dog in swimming pool

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Dono Foldable Pet Bath Tub

High sides means more water for your small dog to splash around in

A small pool typically has low sides, but the Dono is a little different. All its pools boast high sides, from the small to large sizes. The small pool comes with a standard 32-inch diameter but high 11.8-inch sides. This means you can get more water in the pool and a deeper depth for your small dog to splash about in. Its fold-away design and built-in drainage hole make the pool easy to empty and to put away quickly so you can store it for future use.

Rectangular pool and bath

Dog in swimming pool

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Kundu Rectangular Pool Bathing Tub

A rectangular dog pool that can double up as a dog bath

This is a pool with a difference. A typical dog pool is round but the Kundu is rectangular making it look like a small swimming pool or a bath. Ideal if you want to wash your dog in it. The pool is available in two sizes - medium and large. The medium pool measures 43 x 27 x 10 inches, while the large offers an extra 6-inches in length and 2-inches in height. The Kundu is made from heavy-duty industrial strength PVC and folds away easily making it easy to store and transport.

Innovative design

Dog in swimming pool

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Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool

An instant pop-up pool that is easy to drain and compact to carry

The Alvantor is a dog pool that steps outside of the box and uses an innovative design. It is constructed with a strong 300 density rip-stop oxford fabric and a sturdy spring-steel frame which means it instantly pops up and is ready to go. The pool is lighter than typical dog pools, weighing in at just 7.5lbs. It's easy to drain, all you need to do is simply push down one of the side panels. The pool comes in two sizes with the large option measuring 63 x 12 inches, which can be folded down into a small easy-to-carry compact size. 

Which is the right pool for you?

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Our top pick is the Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool which offers a strong sturdy construction along with a host of sizes meaning you can pick the perfect fit for your dog. Sticking with the strong and sturdy, there is the V-HANVER Foldable Dog Pool which offers very similar specs but in a different color. The YAHEETECH Foldable Hard Plastic Large Dog Pet Bath is a well-constructed dog pool that has a few added extras that make it a tempting choice. A simple water fill line ensures you don’t overfill, and a drain adapter means you can add a hose to direct water straight down a drain and save your grass.

For something slightly different, the Dono Foldable Pet Bath Tub is great if you want a deeper pool for your small dog, while the innovative design of the Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool means it instantly pops up and is ready to fill. Plus, it’s easy to drain and quick to fold away.


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