No more sleeping ruff! This state-of-the-art, luxury dog kennel will have your dog living like royalty

Built & Spaces luxury dog kennel
(Image credit: Built & Spaces)

If you buy your pup this luxury dog kennel, you may want to start charging them rent, since it’s more like a doggy extension for your house than a kennel. With double-glazed windows, an automatic front door, and a heated floor this is no ordinary dog dwelling. This is a pooch palace that was created by a Plymouth-based modular housing company Built & Spaces after an increase in demand from pet owners wanting to treat their pets.

Built & Spaces luxury dog kennel

(Image credit: Built& Spaces)

Throughout the coronavirus lockdown, Built & Spaces said they saw a surge in people wanting home extensions such as offices, annexes and garden extensions to create more space while working from home, and it seems that many didn’t want to leave their pet out of the equation.

The company, who are used to building luxury homes for humans, said they had great fun designing this dog kennel. Steve Wilkie, the director of Built & Spaces said “many people have spent lockdown doing up their homes, and now they want to treat their pets”.

The kennel, which costs £1,200, comes with all the mod cons a pup could need, and a generous 900mm by 660mm internal floor space so your dog can feel right at home. The exterior has also been finished to a beautifully high standard with a smart black painted finish and pointed wooden roof.

Would you treat your pet to this luxury canine mansion? One things for certain, sleeping in the doghouse never looked so good!

Sarah Butcher

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