4 reasons why your dog sleeps in ‘bagel’ position, according to a trainer

Dog sleeping in bagel position
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The ‘bagel’ position (A.K.A the cutest position ever), is when your dog curls up, resting their head on their tail with their paws tucked in underneath. 

There’s nothing more interesting than finding out the meaning behind dog body language and tapping into their little world. Whether you’re discovering why dogs scratch their beds or learning what dog sleeping positions mean, it helps you to understand them a little bit better (while fixing your curiosity). 

There are four reasons why your pup goes into bagel position which Louise Glazebrook, an expert dog behaviorist and trainer, revealed in a recent Instagram post: 

1. They’re feeling cold

If your pooch is on the chilly side, then it’s likely they’ll choose to sleep in this cozy position (especially if they’re one of the seven dog breeds that hate the cold). The bagel provides ultimate warmth for those cold winter nights as it keeps their body heat locked in.

2. They’re feeling anxious, unsure, or unsettled

There could be a number of reasons why your dog is anxious. If they’re feeling unsettled or unsure, this pose allows them to get up quickly and easily and is often used by animals in the wild. 

3. They’re not feeling so good

The bagel position might also be a sign that your dog isn’t feeling very good. The Journal of Brain, Behaviour and Evolution notes that curling into a ball offers animals protection from predators while they sleep. This is especially important if they’re unsure of their surroundings.

4. They’ve just settled down

Louisa explains that when dogs first settle down on the bed or sofa, they usually start in the bagel position. However, most dogs won’t go into a deep sleep this way and will switch to another pose, like the pancake, when they do.

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