Dog Vs Cat: Cute 'Ninja' Kitten Shows Doberman Who's Boss

A kitten attacking a doberman
(Image credit: Jessica Manning)

We all know that there are plenty of Dog Vs Cat videos out there but we can guarantee that none are as adorable as this one!

The star of the show, a curious yet mischievous two-month old kitten named Sophie, was found at a gas station in British Columbia, Canada, where she had sadly been abandoned by her previous owner.

Soon adopted by customs officer Jessica Manning and her boyfriend Ryan Onsowich, Sophie’s introduction to their three-year-old Doberman, Bishop, was caught on camera where she can be seen attempting to lay down some ground rules as they start to get acquainted. 

In the video, you can see this cute kung-fu kitten bust out her best moves, continuously booping Bishop gently, without claws, on the nose.

And, being patient in nature, Bishop behaved like a true gentleman and didn’t put up a fuss despite Sophie’s uncertainty and persistence in bouncing around playfully in front of him. 

“Sophie has a lot of attitude - but she’s a cuddle monster. Bishop’s behaviour has been excellent - I couldn’t have imagined he would be so patient. He just wanted to make friends with her but she’s still getting to grips with him”, explained Jessica. 

And this well-mannered pooch certainly caught the viewer’s attention, too.

“I’m truly impressed by the dog’s patience! Owner has trained [him] well!”, said Vikas Sheth.

Luis Fernando Lopez commented “Dogs are the best and that kitten is just pure cuteness”.

There’s certainly no denying that these two will grow to form a strong bond and become the best of buddies in no time!

Chloe Petrylak

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