CatCafe Lounge in LA lets you cuddle adoptable cats in a giant outdoor catio

CatCafe Lounge LA
(Image credit: CatCafe Lounge LA)

You've probably never encountered a cat café quite like this. Welcome to CatCafe Lounge in LA which is home to 30+ cats of all different shapes and sizes all looking for a new home.

The non-profit organization is located in West Los Angeles and offers areas for guests to relax and enjoy the company of multiple feline friends.

So far so typical of a cat café experience you might think - until you discover the incredible outdoor catio area.

The enclosed cat patio is essentially a giant outdoor playground for kitties who love to climb up high. Visitors can sit below the giant blue cat trees and watch cats climb above their heads or play and cuddle the felines on the ground using a variety of cat toys, such as feather wands.

For the cats, there’s plenty of space to run and play with an epic cat jungle gym designed for cat enrichment. The space is designed to nurture a feline's natural instincts; they can climb, hunt, pounce, jump, and stretch their way across the playground.

The catio even includes a “cat highway” where cats can zoom through to feel the fresh air blow on their whiskers and there's plenty of leafy climbing walls and ramps to explore too. 

The experience is particularly notable not only for tapping into the popular trend for catios amongst cat owners, but also for providing a COVID- sustainable area for human guests to relax in the sunshine.

If you thought your dreams of cuddling cats in a café was over thanks to the pandemic, the CatCafe Lounge might just change your mind.

Plus, if you happen to fall in love with your new feline friend you can choose to adopt them too. 

The café has partnered with rescue partner the Stray Cat Alliance  to rehome cats who may otherwise have been euthanized. The café aims to socialize cats, even if they are considered not adoptable, with the help of resident volunteer and feline behaviorist, Cristin.

Admission is considered a donation to CatCafe Lounge, with 100% of the funds given back to the cause. 

A visit to the catio and the cafe's indoor cat lounge costs $35.00 for a 1 hour visit, while private visits can also be arranged via the experience's official CatCafe Lounge website. 

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