Incredible 12-acre dog water park features huge swimming pool and water slide ball pits

Dogworld dog water park
(Image credit: Dogworld Dog Park)

Looking to make a splash with your pup? Then you need to visit this incredible dog water park that's made for dogs who just love to swim.

Dogworld dog park is located in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and is a one-of-a-kind 12+ acre paradise that keeps pups cool.

The park opened in spring 2021 offering an impressive array of activities for adventurous pooches to enjoy, in partnership with DogPark production, a company that specializes in building places to play with your dog that are as much fun for the human as they are for the dog. 

The amazing dog water park includes a huge, in-ground, beach style pool, two wading pools filled with floating colorful balls and large and small water slides complete with pools at the end. The park combines two of the greatest features: the slide and the ball pool to create a spectacular sight you won't be forgetting in a hurry.

Your dog can parade down the slide in style and throw themselves into the ball pit pool. The facility even has a few floating dog toys for your pooch to sink their teeth into. 

Not impressed yet? Dogworld Dog Park is essentially a sprawling 12-acre country club for dogs.

In addition to its water features, your canine can also access special dog yard areas and take part in the agility "pup-stacle" course.

Plus, if you're looking to treat your pup on their birthday and haven't had time to whip up a special birthday dog cake for your good boy, then the park has a party and event area for pooches who just need to celebrate in style.

For pups who aren't so adventurous, there's always the fenced-in pond area to explore too.

Fancy giving your dog the time of their lives? Dogworld Dog Park is available to book over on their official website, where you can also find more about what your dog needs to join the fun, such as wearing identifiable personality collars.

You can buy a day pass for $25, or two or three pups can join the party for $35 or $45 respectively. 

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