Draco the Doberman shows his love to another dog in the most adorable way

Draco the Doberman
(Image credit: Instagram / @dracothedobie)

Canine companions are known to be affectionate, not only to their owners, but to fellow dogs too. And this ‘clingy’ pooch is no exception. Draco the Doberman has become an Internet star for his special way of displaying his love and affection to a fellow dog.

The hilarious clip was posted on Instagram under the handle, ‘Dog 20’, and has already garnered over 6.75 million views in the first 20 hours of posting. 

With the caption, ‘This is Draco, he shows his love in a special way’, we see a Doberman putting its mouth around another dog, and not appearing to want to let go. 

Another caption reads, ‘He’s a 10 but he’s too clingy’. The other pup in question is called Katana, and is apparently “used to it.”

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It’s not surprising that the amusing clip received 68,000 likes and a barrage of comments from Netizens.

One user commented, ‘“Hold the ones you love,” while another suggested, “Maybe Draco’s friend speaks too much.”

Another commented,“Aww, he hugs with his mouth” - which sums it all up!

In fact, Draco, the Doberman dog has touched the hearts of many, and has more than 27,000 followers on his Instagram account.

Often, pooches will express their love for one another through play or physical contact such as nuzzling, nudging and rubbing up against each other.

But in some cases, dogs are inseparable and fiercely protective over each other. Judging from this adorable clip, we’re sure Draco and Katana will be best friends for life!

Cynthia Lawrence

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