Everything you need to know about Uga the dog

Uga the dog standing on the football field wearing his University of Georgia jersey
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If you’ve never heard of Uga the dog before today, you’re in good company - we hadn’t either! And yet over the past 24 hours, this beloved Bulldog has made global headlines after the University of Georgia’s mascot was caught napping during the first half of their National Championship game against Alabama. 

Uga X (pronounced uh-guh and short for the University of Georgia) goes by the name of Que when he’s at home with his parents Sonny and Cecilia Seiler. The ninth descendant of the original Uga, the story of how Que came to be a mascot for the University’s football team couldn’t be sweeter.

Sonny and Cecilia got married during their senior year at the University of Georgia and were given a white English Bulldog puppy as a wedding gift. They took the newest addition to their family along to a football game in 1956 where Georgia emerged victorious against Florida, beating their rivals 3-0.

It wasn’t a particularly exciting game by any stretch of the imagination, but what did capture everybody’s attention was the little Bulldog puppy sporting a handmade University of Georgia jersey. The original Uga went on to be invited to every single game and both he, and all of his descendants, have continued to serve as the team's mascot.

“They all look very much alike,” Sonny explains of each of the dogs “and they all pretty much have the same disposition. We pick dogs that are level-headed and polite. When the dog kind of goes through tryouts, we try to get a real docile one.”

Game days are always busy for six-year-old Uga. There are often media appearances that need to be made, meet-and-greets that need to take place, and of course, there’s a game to be watched. But for the most part, the docile Bulldog takes it all in his stride.

“When I pull his Suburban out and wash it, he’ll see me doing that,” Seiler says. “And then I’ll go in his closet and get his clothes out, and then I’ll pack his food. And then he’ll know that it’s time to go, and he’ll be nervous until we get in the car.”

With Uga making the headlines on several occasions these past few days, let’s take a look at three of his most adorable and memorable moments. 

Uga X meets Butler Blue IV

Sporting their respective team jumpers and with the caption ‘Wut up Dawg? Welcome to Indy’, the sweet photo that captures the moment Uga met Butler University’s mascot, Butler Blue, has Bulldog lovers feeling all the feels. 

Nap time

It was a late night for Uga as the championship game between the University of Georgia and Alabama kicked off at 8.15 p.m. ET, way past his usual bedtime! After a long day of media appearances, Uga struggled to keep his eyes open as his football team went on to secure their first championship win in 41 years.

Mascot duties

Uga the dog being led out into a football stadium

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Uga is always led out onto the field before the game begins where he welcomes fans into the stadium and helps ramp up the excitement of the crowd before the team makes their entrance.

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