German Shepherd builds snowman in joyful video that will make your heart burst

German Shepherd builds snowman
(Image credit: @saraonderwater/TikTok)

German Shepherd builds snowman’ is not exactly your run-of-the-mill every day headline, so we don’t blame you for being skeptical about whether a dog really is capable of achieving such a feat. But as determined Natello shows, there’s no task too great for our canine companions to tackle.

In one of several videos that have gone viral, Natello can be seen rolling snow together to create a supersize snowball, which we can only assume was to serve as the head of the snowman she was determined to build.

Posted on TikTok by her owner Sarah Onderwater, the clip has been watched more than 16 million times, generating over 12,000 comments from excited netizens who were more than a little wowed by the German Shepherd's impressive capabilities. 

In the 13-second video, Onderwater watches from inside her home as Natello joyfully gets to work on her snowball, her tail wagging happily the entire time. “She’s actually making a snowball,” a surprised Onderwater says in the background.


but does your dog make giant snowballs? ##GSD

♬ original sound - Sara Onderwater

And it wasn’t long after the video was posted that the comments started rolling in with one TikToker saying “That’s the most resourceful doggo I’ve ever seen.” Another viewer hilariously jumped in with “The thing you need to be worried about is what he’s going to do with that ball because clearly he had a plan.”

Touched by how much joy Natello’s original video brought people, Onderwater has gone on to post two more videos of her pup playing in the snow, saying her canine companion has “the time of her life” when immersed in the white stuff. 

With a growing fan base, it looks like Onderwater might have to consider hiring Natello out, with one TikToker writing “can I borrow her next snowstorm. I always have kids trying to make the best one and I hate the cold 😬 “

And with plenty of snow still forecast for this winter, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing plenty more of Natello happily frolicking about as she attempts to become the first dog ever to build a full snowman. If anyone can do it, she can!  

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