Five great YouTube videos for dogs

Videos for dogs: Two dogs watching TV in bed cozy together
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Specially designed videos for dogs can be a great tool for helping to calm and relax your dog when they’re feeling stressed, while also providing comfort and companionship when loneliness and boredom sets in.

Dogs have been shown to be able to see images on a TV screen in much the same way humans do, and studies have revealed they can also identify other dogs when shown video scenes featuring multiple species, but distance plays an important factor. 

Our canine companions have 20/60 vision, compared to the 20/20 vision of humans, which is why you might notice your dog sitting much closer to the TV than you do. According to the research team at Hill’s Pet, dogs need to be within 2-feet of the screen to be able to see what we do. Worried about all that close-up screen time? It turns out that like with most things, moderation is key. 

While watching TV shouldn’t replace indoor games for dogs and outdoor dog exercise and play, Dr. Ann E. Hohenhaus, a vet at the Animal Medical Center in Manhatten, says that dog-oriented shows could play a part in helping to alleviate separation anxiety. Leaving the TV on when you’re out of the house, alongside a selection of the best dog toys, can hold your dog's attention and prevent them from engaging in destructive behaviors, such as chewing your sofa or slippers.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at our favorite videos for dogs that include amazing virtual walks and enthralling abstract images. If you live in a multi-pet household do take a look at our selection of fantastic videos for cats as well.

Best video for dogs in need of a canine companion

If you’re worried your dog is lonely and in need of some fellow canine companionship but you can’t commit to more than one dog right now, this relaxing video of dogs playing and roaming is just the ticket. It’s perfect for soothing separation anxiety, helping your dog drift off to sleep, and providing a sense of comfort by connecting them with their fellow canines.

Best virtual walk video for dogs

Have a dog who just can’t get enough of the great outdoors? Then they’ll love this stunning Hayle township to Hayle Beach walk that was filmed in beautiful Cornwall, England. Close to 10-hours in length, the video footage features a variety of terrain and ever-changing scenery that will keep your dog captivated.

Best video for dogs featuring cats

For dogs who love their cats, this sweet video featuring a mixture of our feline and canine friends is sure to bring a smile to your doggy’s dial. With tranquil music to calm stressed dogs and a range of scenes from sweet and gentle to playful and fun, this will instantly relax any dog who’s having a hard day.

Best abstract video for dogs

Fancy testing your dog out on something a little different? This unique video with abstract images accompanied by calming music has a mesmerizing quality that will fascinate your canine companion and help them relax. Expertly color-graded to suit a dog’s eyes perfectly, it’s a great way to naturally reduce boredom, loneliness, and hyperactivity. 

Best video for dogs with squirrels and birds

Transport your furkid into the heart of the natural world with this super-soothing footage of squirrels and birds foraging about on the forest floor. With the only noise being the sounds of birdsong, this lengthy video will leave your dog feeling utterly peaceful and chilled out. 

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