5 times Pit Bulls made us go "awww"

Pit Bull lying on the grass
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Watch these "5 times Pit Bulls made us go awww" videos and we promise you, your day will have gotten a whole lot brighter! With over 70 million views combined, the growing popularity of these clips couldn’t come at a better time.

For the past few years, Internet influencers have been busy rebranding the Pit Bull in an attempt to break down the unfair stigma and stereotypes that surround this breed. Unfairly labeled as dangerous and aggressive dogs who pose a risk to the public, these video clips reveal that nothing could be further from the truth.

From a giant Pit Bull who stands guard over his human baby brother to a sick shelter pup who forms an unbreakable bond with a two-year-old girl, these clips are proof that Pit Bulls are one of the most loving and affectionate breeds around.

5 times Pit Bulls made us go awww...

1. Giant Pit Bull Hulk and the newborn baby

Get ready to feel all the feels as you watch this eight minute video of a 12-stone Pit Bull named Hulk watching over his newborn human baby brother, Jackson. The adorable footage shows the gentle giant standing guard 24/7 over the little boy and lovingly licking his face. And Jackson isn’t the only one Hulk protects, he also takes care of older brother Jordan and remains good natured even when the youngster tries to ride him like a horse!

2. Proof that Pit Bulls are big babies

Meaty is a Pit Bull who wears a permanent grin plastered across his face, a sight that made his mama Lisa immediately apply to adopt him. The happiest dog in the world, Meaty is a frequent source of joy for his parents and loves nothing more than being cuddled. And then there’s Sassy, a dwarf Pit Bull who has a lot of health problems that are the result of bad breeding, but that doesn’t stop this beautiful and special girl from laying on the love. Last up, meet the pampered pittie brothers who are so spoiled that they have their own bedroom!

3. Needy Pittie stalks dad every hour of the day

Bronson loves his dad so much that he can’t bear to let him out of his sight. Watch as he climbs into bed to wake him up in the morning, accompanies him into the bathroom for a face wash, joins him for his daily workout routine and even pines outside the door until his papa lets him hop in the shower alongside him. This is one precious Pit Bull who can’t bear to be apart from his favorite human.

4. Talking Pit Bull clearly says words

Adorable Zeusy may look like your ordinary Pit Bull, but this dog has a superpower - he can talk! Watch as his owner engages him in a yes or no conversation around whether or not one of his toys is stuck under the couch. As the pair attempt to track down what it is Zeusy is after, sweet baby brother Percy joins in on the hunt.

5. Sick shelter Pit Bull captures 2-year-old girl’s heart

In what is quite possibly the most heartwarming video you’ve ever seen, watch as sick shelter dog Scarlett and two-year-old toddler Gia form an unbreakable bond that sees the loving Pit Bull being adopted into her forever home. Never straying from Gia’s side, Scarlett is proof of how affectionate and gentle Pit Bulls truly are. 

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