Watch this adorable fluffy cat ice skating in viral video seen 15m times

fluffy cat ice skating
(Image credit: TikTok / @laboonthewhale)

Pets have many talents. If it's not an ice skating dog impressing the Internet, then be prepared to have your mind blown at this adorable fluffy cat ice skating across a frozen fjord.

While our canine companions have always been associated with hitting the outdoors in style, it’s increasingly common nowadays to see pet owners busting stereotypes of their felines being lazy or aloof and instead taking their cats out for walks or outdoor adventures, as they traditionally would for a dog. If you want proof, why not check out our guide to the best cat harnesses that are currently available to buy?

What is less common, however, is taking your cat with you while you indulge in a spot of ice skating. Even less common is the cat actually seeming to enjoy the experience.

This is the scenario that has unfolded in this video – captioned, ‘Should we buy him some skates? – posted by the cat’s owner, JP, on TikTok under the username @laboonthewhale.


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Upon taking the ice, the cat seems to have absolutely no problem skating around. While it initially looks a tad alarmed, it very quickly gets used to it. It’s clearly a bit of a new experience for the cat, but he seems happy enough to roll with it.

Although cats generally aren’t fans of water, it seems that the frozen stuff is absolutely fine. As long as the ice is nice and sturdy – which this is – then they’ll happily roam across it.

Some might be concerned about the welfare of the cat’s paws on the freezing cold ice, but they need not worry. The cat – named Yeezy – is a Siberian, with the breed being ideally suited to cold temperatures.

Indeed, JP has posted more videos showing Yeezy walking around in the snow, so the cold weather clearly isn’t something that this kitty is too concerned about.

Viewers of the video were quick to applaud Yeezy and JP, with one simply stating, ‘Magical Snow Kitty’, and another one calling it ‘Literally the cutest thing I’ve seen today.’ 

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