Pet parent makes an Iron Throne cat bed and it's about as majestic as you'd expect

Arthur the cat sat on his Iron Throne cat bed
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He may be in his golden years, but regal ball of fluff Arthur is intent on enjoying his senior years in style, something that his Iron Throne cat bed has made that much easier. 

Looking like it’s come straight off the set of House of the Dragon, Arthur's impressive bed was made by his mom, Elly, a designer, writer and artist who lives in New York.

Describing Arthur as deserving of a new bed after years spent curled up in his favorite cardboard box, Elly got to work creating the epic iron throne using nothing but a few boxes, some glue, scissors and paint.

Once the throne was finished, Elly took an old pillowcase, filled it with poly-fill and made a cushion fit for a king for Arthur to sit on. 

Posting her impressive results to Reddit where a photo of Arthur sitting on his throne has gone on to receive close to 100,000 upvotes, it appears the new bed has got two enthusiastic paws up from the ginger kitty.

i_made_my_17_year_old_king_arthur_a_cardboard from r/aww

And he’s not the only one that thinks this bed is the business, with one user writing “OMG thanks for this, now I gotta make one too :)” and another adding “Thanks. This is what I was looking for. It is so impressive. Well done!”

Others were more keen to talk about Arthur himself, flooding the comments section with lines such as :

“He looks very comfortable.” 

“That is a damn good looking cat.”

“He earned that throne. Pretty boy looking so majestic.”

Elly has been thrilled with all the attention Arthur and his new throne have received, responding to all the comments with: “Thank you! My husband has had him since he was 10 years old, and I love him to bits. Even when he's knocking everything off the coffee table at 3 a.m.”

If you’re keen to create your own iron cat throne, Elly has kindly shared some easy-to-follow step-by-step-instructions so you can make a replica of Arthur’s throne for your own feline friend. You can find them here.

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