Watch dog’s overdramatic reaction to meeting a cat for the first time

dog reacts to cat for the first time
(Image credit: Instagram / Facebook @romitorescue)

A Romanian rescue dog has gone viral thanks to her hilariously overdramatic reaction when she met a cat for the first time.

Cara, a mixed breed pooch, who was adopted from Oakwood Dog Rescue in Hull, England, isn’t used to being around felines – but when her owner took her around a friend’s home she was faced with their pet cat. 

In a video, posted to TikTok, Cara can be seen cowering in the corner as a gray kitty slowly approaches her by effortlessly leaping onto a coffee table in true cat fashion. 

The video reads: “My dog’s first time in a house with a cat”, and Cara’s facial expression gives the immediate impression that the closer the cat gets, the more she wants to get it out of there!

Cara’s owner can be heard telling her how good a girl she’s being, but the petrified pooch quickly decides to try and make a quick escape – captioned: “Just gonna calmly scooch out the room, don’t mind me…”

Yet, unlike the cat, her approach is a lot less co-ordinated and she makes quite a racket, sending her into the most dramatic panic attack you’ve ever seen.


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The poor little pup really freaks itself out, crying and howling as if the cat will get her now she’s made herself known. The cat, however, is left baffled and unbothered, chilling out on the coffee table as if none-the-wiser.

The video has racked up an impressive 4.4 million views with fellow TikTokers cracking jokes at the poor pooch for her exaggerated response. 

CashCab quips: “It attacked me WITH IT’S EYES!” and Sarah jests: “Dog barely escaped with its life” while @girloclock comments: “She was trying to be polite and not freak out in front of the guest.”

Amelia has a theory to excuse Cara’s behavior: “Do you think his eyesight is maybe not good enough to see the glass table and he thinks the cat can levitate now?” but Aaron Wallace just thinks it’s classic dog behavior: “Dogs always so dramatic, for what?”

While traditionally we think of dogs as chasing cats they aren’t naturally cat’s predators. Increasingly, the Internet proves that perhaps cats actually have the upper paw in reality, as they can be seen knocking dogs off chairs, pushing them down stairs and even being brainwashed by their feline friends. 

So perhaps it’s not about being “top dog”, but more about who is the top cat after all…