It’s an Apple Watch for dogs: The $999 high tech collar for the truly pampered pooch

Halo dog collar is billed as the Apple Watch for dogs and consists of a smart collar and app
(Image credit: Halo)

Think your pooch deserves the very best of everything? How about an Apple Watch for dogs, otherwise know as the Halo Collar?  It's certainly a cut above even the very best dog toys but will set you back a cool $999!

The world’s most advanced dog collar includes a ‘smart fences’ feature that allows you to create a virtual boundary to keep them safe off-leash.

The Halo Collar includes four key features: the smart fence, expert training, real-time activity tracking and ‘best-in-breed’ GPS technology.

Designed by dog behavioralist Cesar Millan, it’s available now for $999 from

Your Halo Fences are stored directly in your dog’s Halo Collar, meaning you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi or cell connection affecting how it works. Simply tap on the map in the app, or walk around the boundary to create a virtual fence.

Going on vacation? You can create up to 20 fences virtually anywhere in the world, and your Halo Collar will track your dog’s location accurately within 10 feet. That means no more running across a soggy field shouting Rover at the top of your voice!

“We created this technology after a family member lost a dog who was hit by a passing car,” says Ken Ehrman, founding and managing partner. 

“This problem is all too familiar. Our goal with Halo is to eliminate this worry and fear for good.”