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Le Creuset’s new pet collection is here just in time for the holidays

Le Creuset's new pet collection 2021
(Image credit: Le Creuset)

If you just can't get enough classy kitchen wares in your life, then Le Creuset's new pet collection is sure to be high on this year's wish list. 

Arriving just in time for the Christmas period, the Le Creuset pet collection comes in a variety of sizes, and in a number of different colors, so you can tailor your choice to yours (or your pet’s) preferences.

The bowls definitely rank in the ‘high-end’ category of pet bowls. Each of the bowls in this collection is made from enameled stainless steel, and is immediately identifiable by the dog bone that surrounds the Le Creuset logo. 

Le Creuset's new pet collection 2021

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Le Creuset Medium Pet Bowl, $25

Crafted from human-grade carbon steel, the bowls are finished with a colorful glaze and our iconic three rings in a fetching dog bone design. Medium Bowl capacity is approximately 4 cups. 

Colors in the range include red, blue, purple, and orange. Medium bowls retail at $25, while large ones come in at $35.

If you already have bowls for your pets, or can’t afford the upgrade that this would entail, then don’t worry, as Le Creuset has other products on offer.

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Le Creuset Large Pet Bowl, $35

The Le Creuset Dog Bowl is a stylish way to create happy meals for happy dogs. Large Bowl capacity is approximately 6 cups

These include a set of treat jars, made from enameled carbon steel, also available in a range of different colors. Pretty soon, your pets will be worshipping the hallowed bone that adorns the side of the jar, which retails at $45.

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Le Creuset Pet Collection Treat Jar, $45.00 

Crafted from human-grade carbon steel, the jar has a generous 4 1/4 quart capacity that is paw-fect for storing kibble and tasty treats.

Yes, these are pretty expensive as far as pet food storage options come, but you certainly get value for your money. The materials used to make these products are of the highest quality, and look just as great as the products that Le Creuset is renowned for.

Besides, it is soon to be the season of giving, and what can be more of a statement than replacing your pets’ tired old feeding bowls with something that they’ll be proud to eat out of? Plus, your kitchen will look a lot more stylish as a result.

You can find out more about the Le Creuset pet collection on their website (opens in new tab)

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