Supermodel Linda Evangelista mourns the death of her beloved French Bulldog

Linda Evangelista French Bulldog Mini Moon outside with unicorn horn on his head
(Image credit: @lindaevangelista/Instagram)

It’s a sad day in the world of celebrity dogs as former supermodel Linda Evangelista mourns the death of her much-loved canine companion, Mini Moon. 

Few details are known about the little French Bulldog, but Evangelista’s heartbreaking Instagram post reveals the strong bond the pair shared.

“Because of you, I believe in unicorns,” Evangelista wrote in the caption that accompanied a photo of Mini Moon wearing a unicorn horn on his head. “Sleep with the angels my Mini Moon. You were there for me when I needed you most.”

The touching tribute quickly saw a slew of comments, most noticeably from Evangelista’s fellow models and friends, Helena Christensen and Naomi Campbell.

"💔so so sorry about your loss, they are our little angels, in life and beyond 💗," Christensen wrote, while Campbell commented, "Elos I'm so so sorry , little Mini Moon will be with you in spirit always by your side ., here for you always 💔🙏🏾🕊."

Actress Angie Harmon also sent love, saying, “So very sorry for your loss!! He is always with you… always your shadow! Sending you love & prayers 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼”

Hundreds of hearts can be seen in the comments section of the post from both celebrity friends and fans, with Evangelista adding, "So very difficult to imagine moving forward without my shadow following," she added.

Mini Moon’s death comes just two weeks after Evangelista filed a complaint in which she alleged that a fat-reduction procedure she underwent five years ago left her permanently deformed and suffering from severe depression and anxiety that led to her becoming a recluse. 

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