Meet Potato the cat: A googly-eyed feline with a face so sweet he could melt butter

Potato the cat
(Image credit: @therealcatato/Instagram)

Potato the cat doesn’t look like the other feline furkids in his neighborhood and it’s exactly that uniqueness that has had him winning the hearts of cat lovers around the world. 

With googly eyes that are almost too big for his head and a body that indeed looks like the vegetable he's been lovingly named after, this ginger kitty has been stealing the show over on Instagram with his adorable poses and inquisitive nature.

Adopted four years ago by Ashely Norlien, Potato has proved a natural in front of the camera, happily posing for photos which Norlien then shares with his 80,000 fans. And while his human mama admits to having no idea what’s caused his eyes to pop, she says she wouldn’t change his appearance for anything.

“I don’t really know if it’s some genetic condition, but surely it does make a memorable look,” she says. 

While people initially had a lot of questions about Potato when Norlien first set up his account at the end of 2017, including whether there was something wrong with him, his fan base has steadily grown over the years.

One of the key reasons for Potato’s popularity is the message his presence on social media gives to others - that diversity is beautiful and that courageously sharing who you are encourages others to do the same. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of Potato the cats finest moments over the past few years…

Striking a pose

While most cats won't stay still for five seconds, Potato is more than happy to stop what he's doing to participate in a little impromptu photoshoot. Getting him to look at the camera is another story though! 

Tongue curl

Potato makes mastering the tongue curl look easy in this sweet snap.

Potato or pumpkin?

Potato tries out a new name as he poses in a pumpkin patch at Halloween. We think he can pull off both vegetables pretty darn well!

I'm not sure about this guy mom

Trying to blend in with the pavement in the hope he'll go unnoticed by the ferocious looking canine sat beside him, Potato isn't sure about his new potential friend.

Water baby

While most cats run away from the water, Potato runs towards it. His mama says he loves splashing about in the wet stuff and even likes taking a bath!

Catflix and chill

After a long hard day of posing for photos, Potato enjoyed some well deserved relaxation, putting his paws up to watch a movie.

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