Mikey the talking cat sends social media into meltdown

Mikey the talking cat
(Image credit: TikTok: @mikeymoments)

Most cat owners feel they can communicate with their feline friends, but they don’t expect them to start using recognisable words and having full-blown conversations! Especially not to explain away being caught red-handed trying to get into somewhere they are not meant to be.

Well, meet Mikey, the star of an incredibly popular TikTok post, where he is spotted trying to get into a drawer where his favourite biscuits and toys are kept. The hilarious video sees Mikey nonchalantly saying ‘Oh, hi Mom’ as he’s discovered, before being asked by his human friend what he thinks he’s doing, only for him to dismiss the accusation with the squeaky reply ‘nothing’.

When pushed that he actually was doing something naughty, he seems to reply ‘nuh-uh’ – it’s a pretty impressive bit of chatty interaction and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face:


He really said “noth-ing” 🥺😛 he’s always looking for treats! ##fyp ##foryou ##catsoftiktok ##cats ##mikey

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In a later post, Mikey’s owner posted "Aren't you the cat who got almost six million likes for saying 'nothing'?" Well, in fact, it’s over that now, currently standing at 6.4million likes and his over half a million followers are still tuned in waiting for his next pronouncements. Sadly, this Nebelung kitty has currently switched back to his native language, but that’s not to say he’s not still endearingly cute.


Shhh guys. He doesn’t want us to know 🧐 P.S. thank you guys for HALF A MILLION FOLLOWERS! 🖤 ##fyp ##foryou ##mikey ##catsoftiktok

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You can watch out for any further words of wisdom from Mikey and enjoy his mission on both Instagram and TikTok where he’s made it his mission to ‘spread love and joy’. And, what’s stopping you from enjoying his further exploits? Nothing!

Jamie Middleton

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