Motimaru scoops Guinness World Record for most watched cat on YouTube

(Image credit: Motimaru's Diary)

Think 'most watched cat on YouTube' and a few famous felines are sure to spring to mind, but it is Japanese star Motimaru who has formally taken the title.

This feline titan of the Internet officially became a record holder on August 12, 2021 but, staying true to the relaxed character he's well known for, the celebrity cat did not rush to celebrate his victory. In fact, his official account Motimaru's diary only posted the special moment the adorable Scottish fold received his award at the beginning of September and even then the cool cat had some lounging to do beforehand.

In the video, Motimaru can be seen lazing around on the floor, before nestling on some sofa cushions to claim his prize. After a few sniffs of the box packaging, the award is finally unveiled. 

"The most views for a cat on YouTube is 619,586,260 views and was achieved by Motimaru (Japan) with the channel Motimaru's diary, as verified on 12 August 2021," the record reads. 

And what a well-deserved award it is. Motimaru's diary may have only launched in 2019, just months after the cat's birth, but, to date, he has amassed 1.41 million subscribers.

The first video featuring a tiny little Motimaru arriving home was quickly joined by a slew of hits, including his most-viewed video - of him simply relaxing around the home no less - at 8.8 million views.  

But some things have frazzled the famous feline, including the sight of his owner's new haircut as it turns out, which reached a whopping 7.4 million views. 

Congratulations Motimaru and may you keep entertaining cat lovers of the Internet fur-ever more!

Ashleigh Gibbs
Digital Editor

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