Rigatoni the flying dog takes Twitter by storm

Rigatoni the flying dog jumps over metal frame with rainbow in background
(Image credit: @nicolerosa/Twitter)

Rigatoni the flying dog has launched himself into our lives this week and captured our hearts after a photo of him leaping over a metal frame with a rainbow in the background went viral on Twitter.

Shared by his owner, Nicole Rosa, the stunning image has had us all falling in love with the hyperactive weiner dog and Rosa’s photography skills are pretty impressive too!

Captioning the photo with the words “I accidentally took the most majestic pic of Rigatoni today,” Rosa went on to say “Couldn’t sit still for a nice photo but I think these all came out much better anyway.”

Known over on Instagram as the Wien of Wall Street, Rigatoni has a small but devoted following of loyal fans who can’t get enough of this curious little cutie who has a real zest for life.

This most recent photo has earned him close to 700,000 likes on Twitter, over 45,000 retweets and thousands of comments from netizens all around the world who are in awe of the moment Rosa managed to capture.

One user jokingly chimed in with “You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like,” while another wrote “He’s like a motivational poster!” 

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But perhaps the comment that sums up what so many of us felt looking at this image are the words from @lizkmiller, who said:

“Considering the general state of the world, the ridiculousness surging across most digital platforms and just my average sense of “Oh dear LORD give me strength to see what is trending today”...The fact that #Rigatoni is trending is all I need from the Internet today”

It’s true, days like today are great reminders of the very best parts of our digital world, so a huge thank you to Rigatoni the flying dog and his owner Nicole Rosa for putting a huge smile on our dial! 

Kathryn Williams
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