This jumping Pitbull is Mexico’s grand champion of vertical wall climbing

Antara the jumping Pitbull sitting in amongst all the awards she's won with medal round her neck
(Image credit: YouTube/truly)

Step aside human high jump champions because Antara the jumping Pitbull is about to give you a serious run for your money. She may be a dog, but this American Pitbull Terrier is wowing people across her native homeland of Mexico thanks to her ability to catapult herself four meters up a vertical board.

Antara is one of seven dogs owned by 34-year-old Rafael Caraveo Saldivar, who has been training his prize-winning canine companion since she was seven months old. 

“She does competitions: vertical climbing, speed, and conformation,” he explains. “Antara trains five days a week for two hours a day. We have seven dogs in my family, but we train just two for the Pitbull sports.”

At just two years and nine months of age, Antara has already accrued a room full of awards. She earned her title as Mexico’s grand champion of vertical wall climbing in Mexico’s answer to the Olympics for American Pitbull Terriers. 

“This dog is outstanding because she does everything you tell her to do. I’ve never seen a dog jump four meters before. We’ve done a lot of events in Guadalajara, in Salina Cruz, in Cancun, in the whole Mexican Republic and thanks to God we have come out triumphant and won first place in jumping,” says Rafael proudly.

While her ability to outjump her competitors is winning Antara plenty of praise, her family believes that she’s doing something even more important - helping to break down many of the stereotypes that surround her breed.

“Antara is so spectacular,” says Rafael’s partner, Anna Karen Riverol Alverez. “I like Antara very much because she is obedient and very docile.” Pitbulls are often labeled as dangerous, but Sadivar’s father, also named Rafael, says Antara is helping people to see the breed differently.

“People say Pitbulls are aggressive animals, but this dog is exactly the opposite. She is always playing with my children, with my family, with my grandson. She is always very nice with the whole family. Because of that I, my children, and my grandchildren love her so much.”

The family has no plans for the young Pitbull to slow down any time soon and hopes that she will continue to win awards for her jumping skills. “I hope in the future that Antara breaks her records and is retired as world champion,” Ana Karen says with pride in her voice. 

Kathryn Williams
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