TikTok baseball fan Toby the dog gets his very own tour of Dodger Stadium

Toby the dog
(Image credit: Twitter / Los Angeles Dodgers)

It’s not very often that a doggo gets a personal invitation from their favorite baseball team, but Toby the dog is an exception. 

Earlier this year, Toby went viral after his owner posted a TikTok video of him sitting in front of the television, intently watching the Dodgers games 2021 season. This adorable clip went viral and caught the attention from the Dodgers themselves who posted, ‘we watched this way too many times. Obsessed with Toby. We’d like to send you a little gift. Can you please DM us?” 


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The clip goes on to document the story with the caption, ‘The Dodgers were awesome and reached out to us to send Toby something.’ 

Then it shows Toby outside waiting on the front porch with the caption, ‘so we waited’, followed by a few more shots of Toby waiting outside or looking out of the window of his gift.

Just when you begin to lose hope, the owner posts another TikTik video showing Toby excitedly running around in the Dodger Stadium, having fun with their mascot and being toured around. The caption says, ‘Driving back home from Dodger Stadium so full video coming soon. Thank you Dodgers for giving my dog the best day of his life. We love you!" 


The happiest boy!!! Wow. Please give a shout out to the hard working people behind the scenes at Dodger Stadium. Sue, you the real MVP. @dodgers

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Despite their original gift not arriving, the Dodgers wanted to make it up to Toby and certainly kept their promise. On their Twitter account, they posted, ‘Our package never made it to Toby, we wanted to make it up to him with a VIP (Very Important Pup) experience at Dodger Stadium.’  

The baseball team then posted footage showing just what a lucky pup Toby the dog was enjoying his very own seat at the table, playing on the field and with the mascot and even having his very own sign made in his honor. 

We’re sure that this may well go down in history as the best gift ever for their greatest doggo fan!

Cynthia Lawrence

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