Tyson Fury spends £20,000 on Rottweiler ‘super dog’ to protect his family

Tyson Fury's Rottweiler Cash
(Image credit: Instagram / @tysonfury)

Tyson Fury has just shelled out a staggering £20,000 on a Rottweiler guard dog in an attempt to beef up security around his family. 

The 33-year-old heavyweight champion earned himself a cool £25 million back in April after knocking out Dillian Whyte and he’s now turned his attention to making sure those he loves are safe and secure.

Recruiting the services of London-based Elite Protection Dogs, an organization that sells “exclusive dogs for exclusive people”, Fury has purchased a Rottweiler named Cash who is described by his breeder as a ‘super dog’ with ‘elite genes’.

Tyson Fury's Rottweiler Cash

(Image credit: Instagram / @tysonfury)

Fury isn’t the only famous client of Elite Protection Dogs  who recently sold a German Shepherd to former footballer Ashley Cole and describe themselves on their website as: “an international team of protection dog developers with 35 years of experience in cynology, including a team of professional dog handlers/trainers.” 

Several sportsmen have reported having their homes broken into recently, so it’s understandable that Fury would be looking to up the security around his family which includes his wife Paris and their six children. 

All of the pups sold by Elite Protection Dogs come from military and police backgrounds and undergo extensive training from three months to ensure they know how to react to intruders. 

“From the age of 12 weeks we start to train our dogs, seven days a week, with the best dog specialists and cynologists our company has to offer, returning them at the end of the day to our loving foster families, employed to give them the balance of work and affection they need.

This allows them to grow with exposure to a family lifestyle and put their training into use,” the organization explained over on their official website.

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