Victims of the war in Ukraine refuse to leave their beloved pets behind

Victims of the war in Ukraine leaving with their pets
(Image credit: @viewsdey/Twitter)

It was a conflict they never wanted and didn’t start and now heartbreaking images of the victims of the war in Ukraine fleeing their homeland with their faithful furry, feathered and finned friends tucked under their arms has brought the world to tears.

In a week that has shown just how remarkable the human spirit is at pushing back in the face of darkness, we have yet more to admire and respect about the immense dignity and courage displayed by the Ukrainian people as they adopt a mantra that no person or pet should be left behind.

People have been leaving the country in their thousands, but what has perhaps stood out most in the images that continue to roll in is the ones showing evacuees clutching dogs, cats, pet carriers and fish tanks as they attempt to make their way to safety.

Social media has been flooded with images of people and their pets that reveal the true meaning of what it looks like to be a family who sticks together. And thankfully, the world has been quick to rally around both the Ukrainian people and their animals, donating to organizations that are committed to protecting both.

And humanitarian and animal welfare groups aren’t the only ones doing their bit. Neighboring countries such as Poland, Romania and Slovakia have scrapped their rules that state pet parents must display veterinary paperwork for their pets and are instead welcoming furry friends across the border with open arms.

With many humans and pets still not safe, you may be wondering how you can offer support and the good news is, there are many ways you can help our animal friends get the food and medical attention they need. 

Several organizations are offering assistance and your donation will help them continue to do the vital work that’s needed to keep pets safe. Here’s a list of some places that you can donate to: 

  • UAnimals – Providing help to animal shelters that are struggling to collect food and supplies in Ukraine. 
  • Happy Paw – An organization that supports shelter animals and strays.
  • Shelter Ugolyok – Helping to provide food and shelter for rescue animals in need of a safe sanctuary.
  • Sirius – This shelter in Kyiv has been overwhelmed since war broke out and is in need of lots of support to help them provide injured and lost pets with the care they require.
  • Casa lui Patrocle – Volunteers with this organization are carrying out rescue work and desperately trying to ensure all pets get housing and veterinary care.
  • International Animal Protection League – This animal refuge is located just outside of Kyiv, and they are still caring for hundreds of homeless animals during this time.

With the war in Ukraine showing no signs of ending any time soon, even the smallest donation can make a big difference when it comes to ensuring that families stay together and that no animal is left behind. 

Kathryn Williams
Freelance writer

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