PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post with Cat Tracks Toy review

PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post with Cat Tracks Toy not only keeps a feline's claws in trim, it ensures their mind remains active too

PEEKAB cat scratching post with cat tracks
(Image: © PEEKAB)

PetsRadar Verdict

PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post with Cat Tracks Toy is both practical and fun, offering an all-in-one tidy solution to your moggy's need to scratch and play.


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    Great value for money

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    Hours of amusement

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    Easy to assemble


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    Balls may come loose from their track

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The PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post with Cat Tracks Toy looks so much fun, it's hard not to wish there was a large-size human equivalent. In many ways, it's a kitty theme park for the home, earning itself an honorable place in our guide to the best cat scratching posts and garnering plenty of fans online. 

For starters, cats can relieve their urge to scratch and keep those claws in shape without troubling your furniture. They can then bat at a ball attached to the 25-inch high post or engage with the colorful trackball toy that is placed around the base.

It's certainly a good looking toy. With its overall beige coloring, it won't look out of place in the corner of many living rooms and it's not too large as to be dominating either. It uses natural materials in the main (the plastic excepted) and, with just four fixings, you'll have it assembled in super-quick time.

PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post with Cat Tracks Toy: Features

This scratching post is not as large as some of the others we've seen. It has a 16-inch by 12-inch base to provide support for the 25-inch post but, ideally, a cat scratcher should be about 31 inches so it does fall a little short. The pedestal is also significantly smaller than the base and it won't be big enough for larger feline friends such as a Maine Coon. All that said, the manufacturer reckons the PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post is suitable for cats up to 12 pounds which covers most domestic breeds and many purchasers say their cats are making fantastic use of it.

It's easy to see why. The scratching post is made of sturdy cardboard covered in natural sisal – the best material to use because it's strong, rough and doesn't catch a cat's claws in the way that posts covered in carpet can do. The ball on top of the post is also sure to be a draw for your moggy, particularly because it has a feather attached, tapping into their predatory instinct to hunt feathery creatures. The fact it's on a removable rotating arm adds to the fun since it can encourage them to chase.

Of course, upping the excitement stakes is the three-tier trackball toy at the base, with the rolling nature of the balls sure to appeal to a cat's curiosity and amuse them for hours. Some users have reported the balls going missing as cats manage to loosen them from the tracks. If this happens and you can't find them, then ping-pong balls are said to work just as well, but it's something to bear in mind.

PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post with Cat Tracks Toy: User reviews 

While the PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post with Cat Tracks Toy isn’t as highly-rated as the SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post, the addition of the toys make it a very attractive proposition. As one reviewer wrote: “Took about a day before one of the kittens discovered the swinging ball on the top of the scratcher. Now it is the best toy in the house.” Another commented: “It took a little convincing for my two 8 week old kittens to figure this out but once they did, it was off to the races.”

It certainly appears that, in a good number of cases, cats are taking well to this scratching post and making use of all of its features. As a buyer said: “My kitten loves the feathers on this and will play forever with it and then, when he’s tired of that, he plays with the balls. And then he will fall asleep on the stand until he is ready for the next round. And he loves the sisal rope, it is saving my furniture!”

The main problem, it would seem (even among those who rate the product highly), is the likelihood of the balls coming away from the track. It's mentioned numerous times which suggests it's a common issue and one that quickly become very annoying, we can surmise. It does, however, suggest that the cats are at least engaging with them and that's rather important.

Not that all cats will enjoy what's on offer. “I've tried catnip to entice, showed her the movement of the balls and she won't go near it,” said one reviewer. Others say the pedestal is too small. “My cat couldn't even sit on it,” one commented. Definitely double check the sizes before making your decision to buy. 

Should you buy the PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post with Cat Tracks Toy? 

In general, cats will flock towards a scratching post with or without toys so don't buy the PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post purely because you think your feline friend is more likely to use it. Do buy it, however, if you want a tidy two-in-one solution: one that will satiate your cat's desire to scratch while providing them with hours of amusement.

It's not the most expensive scratching post on the market and it's generally well-designed. Judging by the reaction of people who have bought it, cats also make good use out of all of its features which is a good indication of how appealing it is to moggies – after all, nobody wants to buy a scratching post that sits abandoned in the corner.

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