Jiobit Location Monitor review

Make sure you know where your pet is with the Jiobit Location Monitor

Jiobit Location Monitor
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    Long battery life

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    High level of security and encryption


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Pet location trackers are all the rage now, but we’ve yet to see one that tops the Jiobit Location Monitor.

Capable of being attached to a cat or dog’s collar – or whatever animal you choose, if they are allowed to roam – it’s so light that your pet probably won’t even notice they are wearing it. Your pet can also be tracked at any distance with the help of your smartphone, so it’s easy to use as well.

It’s durable, with a waterproof rating of OPX8 meaning that it can be submerged in up to a meter of water, and is easy to set up too. To find out more about the Jiobit Location Monitor, read on…

Jiobit Location Monitor: Features

In terms of features, the Jiobit Location Monitor has plenty. Firstly, it weighs just 0.8oz, making it nice and unobtrusive, with several attachments included that allow it to be worn in a variety of ways. It’s durable, made of shock-proof plastic, and is easy to set up – simply download the Jiobit app and pair it with your smartphone.

A charging stand is also included, allowing you to easily top up the battery life – although since this can last without a charge for up to 20 days, this isn’t something you will have to worry about too much.

The real-time GPS tracking allows you to see your pet’s current location, as well as set boundaries for them. The app will send you alerts if they go beyond this virtual 'geofence' perimeter.

The GPS is powered by a next-gen low-power 5G-compatible network, with the beaconing technology combining wi-fi, GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth to make sure your pet is easy to track, wherever they are.

You don’t need to worry about security either. The Jiobit Location Monitor comes equipped with government-level encryption technology, allowing for maximum privacy and security.

The only real drawback is the price – you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee, which can be anywhere between $8.99 and $14.99. Ultimately, however, getting the best and most reliable product on the market comes at a premium, and this is what you’re getting with the Jiobit Location Monitor.

Jiobit Location Monitor: User reviews

At first glance, the user reviews for the Jiobit Location Monitor don’t seem especially glowing (67% of reviewers gave it 5 stars, 16% awarded it 4 stars, and 6% gave it 3 stars), however, it’s worth noting that the entry on Amazon for this combines the products for pets and humans, so not all of these will be relevant to someone reading this review.

As well as positive comments about the general day-to-day use of the product, some reviewers highlighted the excellent customer service from the Jiobit team, who responded quickly when one reviewer accidentally paired it with their iPhone before downloading the pet product.

Another one reported how handy it was for keeping tabs on their cat. Before, they had been scared of letting him out in case he went missing. Now, with the Jiobit Location Monitor, they were able to reliably keep tabs. 

Conversely, some user reviews haven’t been entirely positive. Some have reported instances of poor battery life, while some have said that the real-time tracking doesn’t update promptly, with it taking a while to send a notification if the tracker goes beyond the boundary.

While you shouldn’t ignore the negative feedback, the positive comments seem to outweigh the negative ones overall, so our instinct is to monitor the product’s reliability, should you choose to purchase it.

Should you buy the Jiobit Location Monitor?

The Jiobit Location Monitor successfully stands out in a crowded marketplace as one of the most reliable GPS pet trackers out there. There are many reports about how it makes keeping an eye on pets so much easier that you have to say its reputation has been earned. 

Durable, safe, and reliable, this seems to tick all the correct boxes. It may come at a high price compared with some other pet trackers, but all the evidence points towards it being worth the money.

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