PetKit Cozy Smart Bed review

The PetKit Cozy Smart Bed pairs a bold design with smart controls to provide the perfect sleeping space for your pampered pet

PetKit Cozy smart bed
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PetsRadar Verdict

The PetKit Cozy smart bed is the ultimate sleek and stylish way of keeping your pet comfortable when it’s too cold or scorching hot, and you can even control it with an app.


  • +

    Super stylish design

  • +

    Seven temperature settings

  • +

    App controlled


  • -

    Some pets prefer an old-fashioned basket

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Ok, we need to come clean: the PetKit Cozy Smart Bed has us crushing hard with its impressive array of features and a seriously cool futuristic design that will make it the talking point of any room in your home.

When it comes to the best heated pet beds, this one from PetKit makes our list every time. There's so much to love here, especially the clean white spherical design which will look great in any modern home, and while it may be pricier than other beds, it's high-tech enough to make it worth the money.

Selecting the best cat bed or best dog bed for your precious fur baby is no easy task but the PetKit Cozy Smart Bed makes the choice a lot easier with it's soft memory foam pillow and smart temperature controls that combine to leave your pet feeling like they're sleeping on a cozy cloud.

Do you want to know what's even better about this sweet sleep spot? You can track how long your furkid spends inside it and then use that data to generate a sleep calendar so you can see how much shuteye your furbaby is getting and what temperature suits them best - pretty impressive, huh?!

We know the PetKit Cozy Smart Bed isn't cheap though, so it's time to take a peek inside and see if this futuristic pad is worth all the hype...

PetKit Cozy smart bed: Features

The PetKit Cozy smart bed will make a distinctly modern style statement in any home. With an approximate diameter of 43cm, this sleek, spherical hi-tech plastic cocoon is perfect for housing small dogs and cats who enjoy being pampered. The controllable warmth it provides may even mean you get to free your washing basket or sun-soaked chair from your four-legged friends.

It comes with a round fluffy mat to snuggle up on, although some users have mentioned it’s not soft enough to totally delight their pets. On the plus side, this pad is removable, can be reversed to save on cleaning, and, when you do come to clean it, it can be wiped free of fur and dirt as easily as the plastic surround.

You’ll know how much time your cat or canine companion is spending in it thanks to its infrared sensors, which send the data to the accompanying phone app. Presented as a sleeping calendar you can easily monitor the time they spend snoozing and see if they are getting enough shut-eye. It also means you get some insight into the otherwise mysterious ways they are spending their time while you are out of the house.

The app can also be used to adjust the gadget’s temperature via a Wi-Fi connection. In fact, there are an impressive seven temperatures to choose from, ranging from warm to cool, so you can make sure your precious pet keeps cosy in the winter and doesn’t overheat in the summer months. An internal heat and cool induction plate, changes the temperature quickly and evenly. 

A fluid engineering duct ensures the bed runs very quietly, which is particularly important if it’s going to stay in your bedroom, to make sure your pet’s (and your) slumber is uninterrupted.

PetKit Cozy smart bed

(Image credit: Petkit)

PetKit Cozy smart bed: User reviews

The vast majority of customers say the PetKit Cozy smart bed is expensive, but worth it. Most owners praise the quality of its materials and construction and say it is easy to plug in and set up, plus many say the app is easy to use too. 

The only point where this seems to consistently fall down is the plushness of the internal mat, which a lot of customers say to too thin for their cat to get comfortable. 

Another potential pitfall is that the product is often described as being suitable for small or medium-sized pets. Most users agree that only the smallest of dog breeds can be accommodated in the swanky igloo, unless they are adept at yoga!

But the smart bed is a particularly big hit among owners of old or particularly furry pets that can struggle to get comfortable when it’s a little too hot or cold outside. “My cat is a fluffy Persian, so it’s very beneficial for him. On cold days you can set it warmer too, which will be great in winter,” says one customer.

The only problem you may have, if you take the plunge in buying the smart bed, is feline jealously, which as one user found, can prove expensive. She writes: “Bought for 17 year old cat who loves sleeping in warm places. He sleeps in it a lot as it's so warm. My other cat was jealous so I bought another.”

Should you buy the PetKit Cozy smart bed?

If you have a permanently chilly chinchilla or a Himalayan puss that tends to overheat in the summer, the PetKit Cozy smart bed is a great buy. This purchase is all about pampering your pet and having fun with a new gadget to boot. While it’s a lot more expensive than a basket, it gives you tonnes of options to keep your pet comfortable and even looks sleek and stylish, which is relatively unusual for a pet product. We think it makes a pur-leasing addition to any cat (or dinky dog’s) home. 

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