PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy review

Keep your cat active and alert with the PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy

PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy
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PetsRadar Verdict

Cats love chasing things – especially lasers – making this the perfect toy for a bit of distraction. Capable of being operated manually or automatically, this is a safe and reliable bit of kit for your kitty.


  • +

    Engaging and encourages exercise

  • +

    Great for keeping them occupied while you’re busy

  • +

    A number of different modes


  • -

    Can quickly eat through the batteries

  • -

    Might be a bit noisy for some cats

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The PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy (to give it its full name) operates much as you would expect: by emitting a laser that moves around its immediate vicinity. Anyone who has ever watched their cat chase a laser pen’s mark will know what comes next: much fun as your kitty frantically stampedes after it, never deterred by either not being able to catch it, or only being met by thin air when they do. It’s a new addition to the stable of laser cat toys out there, but how does it rank? We take a look and find out in the following review…

PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy: Features

Upon set up, you will find that the PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy comes with two pretty self-explanatory modes: manual, in which you can point it in any direction you desire; and automatic, which lets you use it hands-free.

This is undoubtedly its best feature, as it means you can effectively leave it running while you are away or otherwise occupied – ideal for those days in the home office.

You might have some concerns about this, either about the safety of lasers, or about leaving this product running indefinitely. Happily, these concerns have been addressed, with the manufacturer pointing out that the lasers have been tested and declared safe for both your cats and your home.

Moreover, the laser is designed to cease operation after 15 minutes of being continuously in use. This will give your cats – and your batteries – a well-earned break.

Whichever way you choose to operate it, there are a large number of potential benefits for your cat. Firstly, it encourages them to get some exercise, which is especially important if they are essentially housebound.

Secondly, it helps them hone their natural instincts. When the laser moves slowly before suddenly darting onwards, they gain much-needed practice at natural cat behaviors like jumping, pouncing, and climbing. You don’t want your cat to turn into a couch potato, and with this laser, that possibility will be greatly reduced.

Reports on the battery life on offer have been mixed, so we would recommend getting some high-quality rechargeable AA ones to use with this. Other than that, we’re satisfied that when you purchase this product, you’re getting something that is safe, reliable, and great value for money.

A kitten playing with the PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy

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PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy: User reviews

While generally the comments from users relating to this product have been positive, a couple of issues have been raised (unrelated to the occasional complaint about it being delivered in substandard condition).

One recurring issue concerns the battery life, with some complaining that the batteries run out quickly, or that certain parts of the product just stop working after a month or so. These complaints are minority admittedly, and remedied by purchasing decent batteries and the warranty respectively, but still should be something you bear in mind.

Also mentioned is how noisy the device can be when in operation. While this hasn’t been an issue for most customers, others report that their cats have been distracted by this to the point where they haven’t noticed the laser.

To be honest though, the downsides seem to be greatly outweighed by the plaudits this has generally received. Check out the Amazon reviews page for this product, and you will see numerous videos depicting some very happy four-legged customers. 

Pick just one, and you’ll see moggies darting here, there, and everywhere in pursuit of the elusive laser. Some even report that their cats start to complain when the laser turns off - it’s hard to think of a higher accolade than that!

As regards the actual quality of the product, again the comments are positive. The laser reaches a decent length, and is suitably unpredictable, making it great for keeping your cat on their toes.

Should you buy the PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy?

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective laser cat toy, then in our mind you could do worse than try out the PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy. Admittedly there are a number of similar devices out there, but the mainly positive nature of the reviews mean that it is easy to single this out – in a good way. Increasingly today with the amount of distractions that are about, you need something that you know will keep your cat occupied when you’re not able to do so, and this product will certainly meet that need.

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