Eight great Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs

Cute chihuahua puppy sleeping with teddy bear on a white bed covered in red blanket with hearts
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Packed full of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs, this guide has everything you need to spoil your furkid this weekend. Whether you’re after a new outfit, a super-sweet accessory, or a tasty treat, we’ve got you covered with plenty of options that will make your canine companion feel loved.

Not sure what to buy? Why not choose a gift that matches the love language your pet speaks. For dogs who like spending plenty of quality time with you, a leash or collar is perfect for outdoor adventures, while a bed can be great for those rainy days where you just want to chill out together and relax. If your pooch can’t get enough of words of affirmation, why not purchase them a yummy treat that you can use to praise and reinforce good behavior.

Let’s dive in to our Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs top picks and find you the gift that’s going to put a spring in your dog’s step and a sparkle in their eyes.

A dog wearing the Bond & Co. Valentine's Day Sorry I'm Taken Sequined-Heart Dog Hoodie

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1. Bond & Co. Valentine's Day Sorry I'm Taken Sequined-Heart Dog Hoodie

Let your furry bestie wear their heart on their sleeve

Size: XXS-L | Material: Fleece | Machine washable: Yes

Warm material
Cute design
Leash opening
Not suitable for large dogs

Deck your dog out in this super sweet hoodie from Bond & Co. and all eyes will be on them. Like the best dog coats, this cute and comfy hoodie is made from cozy fleece to keep your pooch warm and pulls over the head for easy wear.

Featuring a blue hood, pink sleeves, and a heart appliqué on a grey background, this is the perfect unisex ensemble for every furkid. There’s a stitched opening for their leash and the hoodie is machine washable.

Available in sizes XXS through to L, this adorable multicolored hoodie will comfortably fit small and medium-sized breeds from Chihuahua’s up to Bulldogs. 

Multicolored dog bed with red hearts

(Image credit: Petco)

2. Bessie + Barnie Valentines Day Rectangle Dog Bed

Spoil your Valentine with this luxuriously plush five cushion bed

Size: S-XL | Machine washable cover: Yes | Waterproof: Yes

Waterproof interior pillows
Durable and long-lasting

While this bed may look too good to be true, we promise you, it’s fur-real! Available in four sizes, this rectangular bed can fit the smallest and largest of canine companions.

Made from extra-plush polyester, this cozy and comfortable bed features five waterproof interior pillows that help evenly distribute your pet’s weight and protects against accidents and spills.

The machine-washable and dryer friendly cover makes regular maintenance a breeze, and the bed can be easily reversed for a new look. Finding the right type of dog bed for your furkid can be tricky, but we have a feeling that this long-lasting, cloud-like bed is going to be a huge hit.

Rhinestone studded pink dog collar

(Image credit: Petco)

3. Bond & Co. Leather Bling Pink Dog collar

Put some sparkle in your furkids step

Size: S-L | Material: Leather | D-Ring: Yes

Made from real leather
Matching accessories available
May not be durable enough for daily use

Your dog will be looking the epitome of elegance in this luxurious bedazzled collar accented with clear rhinestones for a sparkling bling effect.

Made with genuine leather, this high-quality collar comes in a choice of three sizes and includes a D-ring for easy attachment to a leash.

Featuring a Bond & Co. tag charm and with a range of matching accessories, this sparkly and stylish collar will have your canine companion turning heads for all the right reasons.

Strawberry multi-layered dog chew toy with red rubber treat dispenser and plush faux chocolate cover

(Image credit: PetCo)

4. BARK Chocolate Strawburly Dog Toy

A rip and reveal toy that’s ideal for aggressive chewers

Size: L | Material: Rubber and plush | Squeaker: Yes

Treat dispenser
Durable design
May not be suitable for smaller breeds

An ideal dog chew toy for insatiable super chewers and biters, this large strawberry dipped in chocolate has a durable rubber treat dispenser contained within a tough plush cover. The multi-layered and multi-texture toy is perfect for dogs who like both variety and challenge.

Made for dogs with strong jaws, the squeaker requires heavy biting and chomping to be activated, and the expertly engineered design that keeps the treat dispenser hidden makes playtime interesting, versatile, and delicious. 

Pink dog crate with small dog sat inside

(Image credit: Chewy)

5. Frisco Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

Style meets strength

Size: 24 inches | Material: Metal | Weight: 14 pounds

Easy to assemble
Convenient fold and carry style
Divider panel
Door can be a bit stiff

Choosing the best dog crate is important, and this strong and durable offering from Frisco provides the perfect safe and comfortable home for your pooch when travelling or training.

Featuring a large single door and a secure lock with dual latches, the crate is easy to assemble and requires no tools. It also comes with a handy divider panel making it ideal if you’re trying to sleep train or potty train a puppy as the crate can grow with them. 

We love that this crate has a convenient fold and carry design for easy portability, and the durable plastic base pan prevents any accidents from leaking out onto the floors in your house or car. It’s easy to clean, and has a protective, pink electro-coat finish that holds up well to heavy chewing.

Dog macarons

(Image credit: Chewy)

6. Bonne et Filou Mint All-Natural Handmade Macaron Dog Treats

Your dog will fall head over paws for these delectable delights

Human grade ingredients: Yes | Vet recommended: Yes | Wheat free: Yes

100% natural ingredients
Endorsed by vets

The paw-fect treat for dogs of all ages and breeds, these macarons are a taste sensation with a hard exterior and an irresistible mint yogurt filling that ensures it’ll be love at first bite for your furkid. 

Made with all-natural human-grade ingredients and free from wheat, corn, and soy, these macarons are a safe and healthy treat for your canine companion. Endorsed by vets and flavored with real mint, these high-quality cookies come in packs of six and are also available with a lavender or strawberry filling.

If you’re looking for one of the best dog treats money can buy, that’s both delicious and nutritious, these macarons from Bonne et Filou are impossible to beat.

Red dog leash with pink and white hearts

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7. Frisco Hearts Dog Leash

The must-have accessory for the fashion-forward furkid

Size: S-L | Material: Polyester | Length: 6 feet

Loop handle
Not suitable for large breeds

All the other dogs on the block will be swooning when your furkid steps out in this heart covered leash made from durable, high-quality polyester webbing.

While it’s not ideal to use when running with your dog, it’s perfect for park strolls, play dates, and exploring close to home. The bolt-snap makes securely attaching this leash to a harness effortless, and the nickel-coated clip provides a polished look.

Featuring a loop handle to make staying in control easy, this leash is durable and can be hand washed for easy care. 

Pink dog chew toy with treat dispenser

(Image credit: Petco)

8. Leaps and Bounds Little Chews Treat Dispenser Ball Puppy Toy

The perfect toy for tiny teeth

Size: S-M | Material: Rubber | Length: Six inches

Massages teeth and gums
Provides mental and physical stimulation
Easy to grab and carry
Treat dispenser can be hard to fill

If you’re looking for a toy that will provide your puppy with hours of mental and physical stimulation and enrichment, look no further.

This treat dispenser ball comes in a choice of two colors and is made from a smooth rubber that gently massages teeth and gums. Fill the dispenser with puppy treats or smear it with peanut butter and your furkid has a challenging activity that can keep them occupied when you’re busy or during times when they’re in their crate. 

At six-inches in length, the chew toy is easy for young mouths to pick up and carry round, and it pulls apart for handwashing. 

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