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Best calming dog beds: six places for your pooch to relax

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calming dog beds
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The best calming dog beds can help both you and your dog get a good night (or day’s) sleep, or help you to feel better when you have to leave them alone. Anxiety can be a huge problem for dogs, particularly certain breeds, or for those that have suffered some kind of trauma. So if you have a particularly anxious pup, then investing in a calming dog bed could be the best dog bed for him, even better than the best luxury dog beds that money can buy.

You may be wondering what makes a dog bed a 'calming' dog bed, as opposed to an ordinary bed. Typically, calming beds have been specifically designed to calm pets, and can either be used in isolation or alongside medication or training. Many calming dog beds have essentially been constructed to recreate for your dog the feeling of snuggling up to their mother, which should help soothe them.

They’re not all the same, but some common features of calming beds include orthopaedic padding (much like the best orthopaedic dog beds, raised edges, material for burrowing into, and self-heating materials. Dogs who suffer from problems such as mild separation anxiety, a desire to hide or burrow, or excessive shaking or shivering can hugely benefit from a calming dog bed, while pretty much all dogs love to feel cosy and secure, so they’re also a good investment for most owners.

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calming dog beds

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1. Furhaven Pet Calming Donut Bed

Best overall calming dog bed

Suitable size of dog: : Small, medium, large | Range of colors?: Yes | Material: Polyester | Machine washable?: Yes

Available in range of sizes
Machine washable 
High price 
Not suitable for very large dogs 
Not suitable for destructive dogs 

Featuring a bolstered donut shape, this cushy and malleable dog bed has a lot of great benefits. It’s suitable for small, medium, and large dogs, with dogs up to 75lbs supported by the largest variety (examples given include the Labrador retriever, boxer or golden retriever). The bed’s sunken interior is surrounded by a big, bolstered pillow ring. This design allows for maximum snuggling, nesting, and comfort for your dog, while also providing firm support.

With a faux fur covering, the bed is designed to be soft and cosy on paws and noses, which also makes it good for burrowing into. A pocket-effect is created between the bolster edge and the inner pillow, which is  useful for burrowing, and also gives you or your dog the ability to hide treats and toys. The zipped interior liner means you can add more stuffing - or refill it - as necessary, or even change the type of stuffing depending on yours (or your dog’s) preference later down the line. 

You can also remove the bed’s cover (medium and large variants), making it completely machine washable. Full washing instructions are also included to make sure you use the correct settings and avoid damage. Note that the smallest bed doesn’t have a removable cover, but the entire bed can be washed in the machine instead. It also comes with a 90-day limited coverage warranty against material defects. 

There are some downsides to think about with this calming bed, however. It is not particularly well-suited to any dog with particularly destructive tendencies, while very large dog breeds aren’t catered for. The range of colors is fairly limited, too.

calming dog beds

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2. Nonofish Anxiety Dog Bed

Best budget calming dog bed

Suitable size of dog: : small, medium, large, extra large | Range of colors?: Yes | Material: Cotton | Machine washable?: Yes, as a whole

Lots of different colors
Good value
Suitable for multiple sized dogs 
Cover not removable
Hand-washing preferable 

This great-value option is also a good all-round option for anybody new to dog calming beds. It includes raised rim edges which work well as a pillow for your dog, while the sunken design works as a comforter. 

Finished with faux fur, the material is ultra soft, warm, and comfortable, and is well-suited to dogs who like to curl up to go to sleep. If your dog is more of a sprawler, you may want to go one size up to ensure they have plenty of space to stretch out.

Although the bed can be washed in the washing machine, since it does not have a removable cover, it’s recommended that spot cleaning by hand is used where possible. While you can run it through a tumble dryer (on a very low heat), you’ll also need to wait for it to completely dry out before your dog can use it again. 

The bottom of the bed is made from durable, waterproof fabric, and also includes non-slip dots to help it stay in place, even on smooth surfaces such as wood floors or Lino.

Suitable for small, medium, large, and even extra-large dogs, most breeds should find a Nonofish bed to match their size. As you might expect, the smallest and medium sized beds are the cheapest, but all sizes provide good overall value. We also love the fact that the bed is available in a wide range of colors so that you can select your favorite, or match it to the decor of your room.

calming dog beds

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3. BestFriends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler Cat & Dog Bed

Best washable calming dog bed

Suitable size of dog: : Small, medium, large, extra large | Range of colors?: Yes | Material: Polyester | Machine washable?: Yes

Fully machine washable 
Suitable for variety of sizes
Several colors available
Pet safe materials
Fairly pricey 
Best if you can machine dry it 

If you have a dog that’s a bit of a mucky pup, you’ll want to make sure you invest in a calming dog bed that is super easy to clean and wash. This bed has a removable cover that is fully machine washable and dryable (it’s recommended that you machine dry it to prevent tangling and matting of the fur). Note that the small-sized bed can be put into the washing machine as a whole unit. 

This is another bed with the classic round 'donut' shape that many anti-anxiety beds have. This makes it well suited to those who like to curl up to sleep, while still ensuring plenty of room for those that like to spread out. It has a raised rim that can act as a pillow, while its deep crevices are well-suited to burrowing, as well as allowing your dog to hide and protect its treats and toys. The filling is made from AirLoft fibers, which are designed to provide maximum comfort and withstand washes without clumping. 

As well as a variety of sizes, there are also lots of different colors to choose from. You can choose your favorite color, or match the bed to your interior decor. The cover of the bed is made from faux shag fur, which is intended to replicate the feeling of a dog’s mother’s coat for maximum comfort and a feeling of security. 

The bottom of the bed is water and dirt-resistant, while the filling is non-toxic to ensure the safety of your pet. The bed features double overlock stitching to ensure durability through both general wear and tear and when put through the washing machine. The materials are also responsibly sourced, with the beds designed and shipped from Los Angeles, with local customer service on hand to help via email or phone call with any problems or queries. 

calming dog beds

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4. MixJoy Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best orthopaedic calming dog bed

Suitable size of dog: : Small, medium, large | Range of colors?: Yes | Material: Polyester | Machine washable?: Yes, but recommend hand washing

Made with pet safe materials 
Self-warming faux fur 
Provides additional comfort 
Not suitable for very large dogs
Not suitable for excessive chewers 

The simple design of this calming dog bed makes it a great choice for dogs who want both comfort and support. The raised rim design provides head and neck and support, while the sunken centre makes it super comfortable to snuggle into. The faux fur covering is also self-warming, so you should find it keeps your pet nice and toasty too.

Lightweight and portable, this bed is filled with recycled polyester fiber filling that recreates a nest-like feeling and promotes a feeling of safety and security. You can wash the bed in the machine on a cold wash, but the manufacturer recommends using hand washing if possible. You can also place the bed in the tumble dryer on a low heat – ensure that the bed is completely dry before giving it back to your dog. 

At the bottom of the bed is a non-slip surface, helping to keep it in place on slippery surfaces such as wood floors and Lino. The bed is made with pet-safe materials, so although it’s not recommended for those who like to chew, it should be safe if minor damage occurs. 

This bed is available in three different sizes, so the majority of dogs are catered for, but those with very large breeds may find they need to look elsewhere. The smallest size is suitable for very small breeds, but you may wish to go up a size if you have a dog that likes to spread out a little more. It’s available in a decent selection of colors too, so you should be able to match it to your decor. 

calming dog beds

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5. PetFusion Calming Cuddler Dog Bed

Best calming dog bed for burrowers

Suitable size of dog: : Small, medium | Range of colors?: No | Material: Polyester, Fabric | Machine washable?: Yes

Ideal for burrowers
Easy to clean 
Super soft material 
Not suitable for large dogs 
High cost

This bed’s a little different from the rest on the list. Rather than being a donut shape, it’s a traditional rectangular shape. Here, anxiety is combated with the ability to burrow – something which many dogs have a natural instinct for. The loose blanket attached to the bottom of the bed is ideal for burrowing into, but since it’s attached, it won’t detach and come loose, providing hours of burrowing security. On top of that, it also provides warmth and comfort and is made from super soft materials, and they can also bury treats and toys within its layers.

The high walls of the edges of the bed provide good support for the head and neck, while the bed itself has a memory foam base for ultimate comfort and to help reduce problems such as joint pain. The foam itself is constructed from certified pet-safe materials, so you can also feel confident that it’s totally safe for your furry friend to snuggle into. 

Should you need to freshen the bed up, the covers are removable for machine washing and tumble drying (gentle/cold settings). Spot cleaning for light stains is recommended where possible to maintain the quality for as long as possible. 

There are of course a couple of downsides to this bed. It’s not the cheapest bed on the market, but with high-quality materials that is to be expected. It’s also only available in one colour, which albeit neutral, may not be to everybody’s tastes.

calming dog beds

(Image credit: Way Impress)

6. WayImpress Calming Dog Bed

Best calming dog bed for small dogs

Suitable size of dog: : Small, medium | Range of colors?: Yes | Material: Plush, Synthetic fur, Fabric | Machine washable?: Yes

Well suited to small to medium dogs 
Easy to wash 
Good value 
Not suitable for very large dogs 
Limited range of colors 

It’s often small dogs that suffer with problems such as separation anxiety, so a bed like this one is perfect for them. Following the classic donut-design, it helps your dog snuggle and feel secure. It can also be used for cats as well, should you have one of those in the family too. 

With a raised frame around the edge of the bed, it provides a good level of support for your dog’s head and/or neck, with the sunken centre being super soft and comfortable. The bed uses fluffy plush to provide a super-soft surface for your dog to sink into.

Available in small and medium sizes, the bed is recommended for dogs weighing up to 35 pounds. Those with large or very large dogs may not find this bed suitable. Smaller dogs may also enjoy the medium size if they are prone to spreading out while they sleep, but if you have a dog which likes to curl up, the smaller size should work well. There are three different colors available, each in neutral tones, which should match most people’s decor and preferences. 

At the bottom of the bed is a non-slip surface, helping keep it in place on slippery surfaces when the dog is getting on or off the bed. The soft faux fur material is also washable in a machine, as well as in the tumble dryer. It’s best to wash and dry at low/gentle heats, and avoid excessive washing where possible.

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