Toughest dog toys for chewers 2024: the best durable dog toys for the most determined of chewers

Dog playing with one of the toughest dog toys for chewers
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The toughest dog toys for chewers are able to withstand the attention of even the most determined of pups. Any pet parent with a heavy chewer in the family will quickly come to appreciate the benefits of these more indestructible dog toys, particularly if they've come home to find their faithful companion has made short work of yet another toy or, in my case, chewed through a lead.

As well as easing teething pain and helping with separation anxiety, the best dog toys will keep your pup entertained and mentally stimulated, but a durable dog toy combines this with high quality and tougher materials, such as hard rubber. This saves owners from worrying about the potential choking hazard posed by parts being chewed off or from the stuffing found inside soft toys. 

As well as choosing products made from hard-wearing materials, owners should ensure the durable dog toy is right for their pup’s size and habits - weightier options are unlikely to be suitable for smaller dogs who like throwing their toys around, for instance. With chewers likely to get spit and slobber on them, ease of cleaning will be another factor to consider. Products that can be cleaned in water - or in some cases, even go in the dishwasher - will make your life a lot easier. 

To help owners find the toughest dog toy for chewers, we've tested options with both small and large dogs to find products that will keep even the most determined of chewers entertained. We've also spoken to Dr. Hannah Godfrey BVetMed MRCVS, who answers some common questions owners may have when looking for a durable dog toy. Here, we’re sharing six of our favorites.

The toughest dog toys for chewers 2024

Dr. Hannah Godfrey BVetMed MRCVS
Dr. Hannah Godfrey

Dr. Hannah Godfrey has been a Veterinary Surgeon since 2011. She began treating all species, focusing on small animals in 2014. In 2018 she moved to a smaller independent practice, where she continued to care for the animal community. Since 2023, she has been working as an Editor for a global medical communications company. 

Are there any indestructible dog toys?

It’s important for dog owners to remember that even the toughest dog toy for chewers is not guaranteed to be indestructible to a determined chewer. As well as supervising their play, owners should keep a regular eye on the condition of their pup’s toys, looking out for when they begin to show signs of use and could become a potential danger to their canine companion.  

Dr. Hannah Godfrey advises, "While many toys are marketed as being durable, and some branding will promise that the toy is indestructible, it’s still essential to supervise your dog when they are playing with toys, and inspect the toys regularly for damage."

Choosing the toughest dog toys for chewers

There are numerous factors at play that can influence your buying decision when looking at the toughest dog toys for chewers. Dr. Hannah Godfrey recommends thinking about "the size and breed of your dog, as well as the type of play that your dog enjoys". A smaller dog, for example, is likely to struggle with a larger and heavier toy.

Owners should also consider health problems or injuries that their forever friend might have. Dr. Godfrey says, "A tug toy made from a durable material, for instance, might seem like the most ‘indestructible’ and safe, but if your dog has problems with their teeth, neck, or hind legs, or doesn’t enjoy that type of play, it’s not a good idea." 

Dr. Godfrey also advises considering the material the toy is made from, adding, "Avoid ropes or fabric toys as these tend to disintegrate into fibers, while plastic, wood, and similar hard or brittle materials can fracture or splinter, leading to injury."

The benefits of a durable dog toy

A durable dog toy can be a blessing for owners who have a determined chewer in the family. These hard-wearing toys are made with tough and high-quality materials, saving pet parents from worrying about the potential choking hazard posed by pups chewing parts off.

Dr. Godfrey says, "It's a good idea to choose a durable dog toy rather than anything flimsy because it will keep your dog safe."

"Broken parts can easily be swallowed, causing gut blockages, and sharp edges can cause damage to your dog’s tongue, mouth, or gums, or if swallowed their esophagus, stomach, or intestines."

A durable dog toy doesn't just provide peace of mind for owners, however. It can also prove a worthwhile investment, as Dr. Godfrey says, "it will save you buying new toys to replenish the toy box regularly".

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